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Colombian exports for the second year continued to grow, and grew by 10.4 per cent in 2018, and its output was incremental. reach the highest from 2014: 41,831 million dollars.

Although this exhibition was directed especially with oil, It is also worth considering the rise in 8% industrial exports, the highest point since 2011.

Despite this, foreign sales still continue to take account of the need for the export center to take place, due to such oil dependence.

This is the beginning of the oil revitalization in 2017, and that it was much stronger in 2018, A time with an average low cost oil barrel of 72.01 dollars, rising up to 31 per cent a year, this line of the economy was central to the country's export basket.

According to the National Statistical Directorate Department (Dane), the export of 10.4 per cent compared to 2017 was driven by an increase in foreign oil sales, Products from raw oil and others from the attractive industry.

According to the statistics, of this change, 9.5 percentage points were given by generating oil exports and its derivatives, long & The coal was then 0.2 points.

When they looked at the total value, according to the Dane report, 24,709 million criminals were in a position; sale of fuel and products from the sectoral businesses, representing 59 percent of the totality sold to other countries.

At the same time, sales outside the electricity company were second, which reached 8,324.4 million dollars and its; an increase of 8 per cent record compared to 2017.

As of December, 3,400.9 million were sold in other markets and dropped 14.6% for the same period of 2017.

The largest Colombian partner is very close, and on our side, with a favorable position between the two, which includes an appropriate dollar, which exempted export installed

With countries

According to Dane, it was the main Colombian exporter of the United States export, where 25.4% were issued; the European Union, representing 11.7 per cent; China, who participated with 9.7 per cent; Panama, with 7.3 per cent; Ecuador, with 4.4 per cent; Mexico, with 3.9 per cent, and Brazil, who received 3.7 per cent of out-of-country sales, among other countries.

U.S. sold to US $ 10,616 million, with a 0.59% increase, compared to 2017, when they reached 10,553 million dollars.

"The largest Colombian partner is very close, and on our side, with a favorable economic situation between the two, which includes an appropriate dollar, which has exchanged it was stable and even got some of the problems such as the coffee crisis. This is a market with the biggest opportunities, "said the American Chamber of Commerce ( AmCham Colombia), who is a bringing together SA companies. and those of us

In 2018, sales increased to China also, an additional 83.4 per cent than in 2017. This change was explained by a higher oil sales (89%). Compared to that, trade to the Netherlands decreased by 32.9 per cent, compared to the previous year.

Multiple multiplication, challenge not yet reached

The few progress in multiplication are the main purpose that is dependent on the exports of mineral resources, business societies, and the government says.

The president of the National Trade Exchange Association (Analdex), Javier Díaz Molina, certifies that prototype export policies should be given because in many cases, the companies prefer to do so; sold in the domestic market.

"I believe that officers need to be measured by results, so that's what they do. case of fundamental accountability"He will add it. He says that the Doing Business Bank report is going to other countries and" a & # 39; Believe the debate that we are making progress when it is not true.

So, as noted, it is essential to reduce the cost of the country to achieve greater competitiveness in international markets and continue to work on trade help, "said Díaz.

The Ministry of Trade, Business and Tourism (Bankruptcy) defends its policy and its reinforcing the analysis of 2018 figures is that the focus on exporting the expansion of non-mining. "We have already confirmed the export offer with seven sectors of the country, which will allow us to expand the export basket and gain more benefit from trade agreements", The owner of that region, José Manuel Restrepo Abondano.

And he says they have identified opportunities for materials from fashion, construction, agri-food and cosmetics businesses, among others.

However, the director of the Chamber of Commerce Colombo Americana (AmCham Colombia), María Claudia Lacouture Pinedo, sees progress with the agreement of 97 agricultural products in the US. UU

The results of this work will be better marked when we take advantage of the FTA, through the diversification of agriculture and agro-business

"The results of this work will be better displayed when we realize the FTA, through the export culture and multiplication agro-business", it proves. In his opinion, the most committed part of being a foreign-exchange engine to the EE. UU is the agro, representing 60 per cent of Colombia's non-mining sales in that country.

The Colombian National Societies of Investigators (Andi) confirm that the export exports are grow larger than material with lower value materials, and & # 39; Demonstrates the need to strengthen the nation's effort to expand its products, expand it to new markets and take advantage of trade agreements.

The revival of the business sector

Unions, analyzes and the Government are welcome to grow from the manufacturing sector. However, exports say that the department's dynamics could be higher, among other reasons, because the US trade conflict. U.- China launching opportunities.

"In addition, having a higher exchange rate, we can compete in international markets," a & # 39; President Analdex, Javier Díaz.

The Minister for Trade, Business and Tourism, José Manuel Restrepo Abondano, was sure "The good performance of outsourced sales is an indication of the revitalization of our business and a sign that we have the right way."

The officer explained that this behavior was the result of the largest contribution recorded by retailers of petrol products, which grew 45.5 per cent; sold outside equipment vehicles, runners and semi-enterprises, which grew 19.9 per cent, as well as rubber and plastic, with a 17.8% increase.

Andi's president, Bruce Mac Master, explained that the recent trend in recent manufacturing exports, as they have been growing since 2017. In addition to that, d '; He asks not to note that there are several sections, which are & # 39; including business, reflecting good growth and the attempt to find new export destinations.

"It is important to continue to reduce the constraints on competitiveness, as it contributes to the achievement of better exports," he added to the director.

Goal aim for 2019, despite global uncertainty

Expectations about international sales in Colombia this year are different.

Despite her & # 39; The world's largest exported global productivity, the export trade from 2019 will be "favorable" and that is why Analdex's headteacher, Javier Díaz Molina, estimate the sold outside 50,000 million dollars.

On the other hand, the Bankolombia Group's research team generates a 1.3 per cent combustion, to 41,287 billion dollars, and that a non-traditional exports will be attracted slightly, as a result of a harder and rigorous demand.

"Above it is added that the other products of their traditional basket can not behave for behaviors that have been said, because of their lowest participation in the terms blended ", which shows the report of the research team. However, it is expected that export exports "will be brought back despite the shift expected in oil price."

At the same time, director AmCham Colombia, María Claudia Lacouture, says that, although uncertainty continues to continue due to commercial tension, "opportunities and challenges will continue". That's why he wants "not to let a soldier down" and "continue to work on enhancing the productivity of his / her company, to create an appropriate offer ".


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