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Ronda Rousey explains what was already suspected of WWE

. It's the step Ronda Rousey as the WWE is the roughest thing. After a brilliant career in the UFC, one of the experts who made a great contribution to visiting, t He decided he would try his chance to practice teasing to continue his story.

However, things have not gone pretty well recently, and it has also been the case for other sports stars and the supporters of the supporters they need to make their victory on the ring.

The most recent controversy is being introduced. That's Ronda, who was hurt by the ferries he received before his team Becky Lynch and Charlotte Flair, t decided to remove the blanket, break the codes of conduct and remove the fields of this exhibition.

"I'm tired of entertaining people. I don't receive any other instructions and instructions, and every time I go to the ring I do what I want to do. What I said in RAW wasn't encouraging, I had to say other things and I didn't tell them. It's not a character, a gimmick, "Rousey burst on his YouTube channel."

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Just from going back, the fightingman went further than his video blog: Ronda On The Road: "I'm going out there and doing anything any thing I want. Fuck you. All WWE's universe was introduced. I mean I would be very nervous about the sport they have. Oh, the fourth wall of the exact wall! & # 39; A gleam is written. Created It is not true. None of these people can talk to me. Finally, "he said.

These words are not sit well with their companions. One of them, Charlotte Flair, easily sent away.

"Four years ago, you couldn't do it. Now? There's not a number, as well as remembering their time at the UFC:" tCan anyone remind him of it in the last two years before he comes to WWE that he came out unconscious and that he would rise in the cage?"He broke.

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