Scientists will decide that the dengue disease has already been & # 39; Zika protection

EFE February 8, 2019 | 01:23 PM

(EFE) .- A group of US scientists has confirmed that dengue virus has previously been diagnosed; reducing the risk suffered by Zika, according study Published on Thursday in Science Specialist Magazine.

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The team led by Pittsburg University analyzed around 1,500 people living in a Zika breaking neighborhood in 2015 in Brazil and found that there was more protection on face against dengue, is below the risk of a zika contract.

The discovery was based on a collection of long-term information on the health of residents of Salvador slums, a city in the north east of Brazil.

The partners in & # 39; study They gave many blood samples before, during and after the Zika disease.

The samples collected in October 2014 and March 2015 were largely negative for Zika, but in October 2015 63% showed evidence of the disease's disease.

Prior to the time, 642 participants were also investigated for dengue disease and 86% were positive.

In particular, the test evaluated the extent of antibodies that the blood partners had in the face of dengue.

The team found that every duplication of dengue antibody levels responded to a 9% reduction in threat that there was a zika.

"This means that some of Zika's defensive antibodies support Zika," said the author Ernesto Marqués at the University of Pittsburgh.

The expert was expected to study in the future "to evaluate if new anti-dengue vaccines may be useful to stop Zika."

Marqués said the development of "trustworthy and commercial" tests for old age women to evaluate their previous privacy and Zika revealed "was a cause of concern."

According to the scientist, these tests could help doctors to find out if the anti-dengue women's vaccine could help protect them from Zika while they were pregnant. EFE

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