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Stratum 1 people with 20 million in a month in Colombia revenue – Personal Finance – Economy

In the daily image of Colombians, The country that is rich or poor in the country is usually associated with strata 1 to 6 of the dwellings, created to pay high rates of public services for those with more, and who, carefully, and support people with less.

In the country, 13,167,139 dwellings, which are 27.8 per cent of stratum 1; 27.5% of 2; 19.6 per cent of 3; 7.2 per cent of 4; 3 per cent of 5; and 2 per cent of the 6, in line with the Public Services Management, water-water, sewage and cleaning schedule.

However, In preparing the Development Plan provided by the Government for its four years of administration, it has been found that stratum buildings 1 where each person's income is higher than 20 million pesos per month; of strat 2, with an income of more than 27 million, and of strand 3, with more than 30 million people.

Therefore, it is clear that the strata does not classify families enough according to their economic level, and many people with high income are paid by the poor counterparts for accounts service.

So, in the Development Plan The ability to change the strata of strata 1 to 6 was built for alternatives than being able to pay different levels to households according to their wealth.

One option identified in the Plan, critical information, where there is evidence that it is best to be related to the socio-economic circumstances of households. It's another option by going to & # 39; home living survey, and this could visit instruments such as Sisbén, to find out what subsidies should be obtained from public services.

However, in the meantime, in a document explaining the purpose for the serial system, the Dane reported that there is not a measure of the income of everyone and all non- accessible, from the data collection that should be collected, due to the short-term change, does not mean reliable information depending on the size of informality and the continued distribution of families.

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