The Cauca River returned to its current current in two days

This was reported on Saturday Public Companies in Medellín (EPM), the main components of the hydro-electric project, depending on the opening of the floods, which last night, it began to flow The water excavated in the reservoir was released until midnight This Saturday was 95 cubic meters each second at the height of Puerto Valdivia, the nearest town of the hydro-electric power station.

"It is expected that this (the Cauca) will return to their current current for this time of the year before Monday", he added to the company.

The most important profession of Hydroituango, located in the Antioquia department, is in crisis from last May due to a variety of geological and structural problems that have caused EPM to implement contingent measures such as flood power to prevent Cauca waters breaking the dam that is being built.

Fires have recently been detected in the engine house and to empty the engineers' drain the floods to fill the reservoir and then move the water through the filling, which often drying the Cauca River under the dam.


On the other hand, Colombia's president, Ivan Duque, ensured Coveinas, a town in the Caribbean department of Sucre, that his government has given "clear message" to address the difficulties of his & # 39; the project.

He emphasized the first line of his & her; Protecting the lives of people who live in places that are living; affecting the hydro-electric project.

"There have been more than 28 integrated posts where the National Government has been permanently involved to work with its project managers, the Antioquia Government and the cities to avoid danger to the lives of people, "said Duque from Taller Building a Country, in which he listens to the needs of the people.

He explained that the Government's other priority is to protect the environment and ecosystems because it "greatly adversely affects the environment, environmental impact of decisions and is subject to research from environmental authorities. "

He also emphasized that, although the National Government has no direct responsibility in the project, it has been supported by Hydroituango managers and the majority of towns in order to take steps to prevent damage.

"I did not stop the study of that situation for one day and the National Government will continue to pay attention to the Risk Management Unit, and to the environmental authorities, and to ensure the protection of life and protecting ecosystems, "he put the State head

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