the Chinese transformation to Real Madrid for Juventus

Signs Cristiano Ronaldo with Juventus Turin from Real Madrid have led to an increase of almost 70% of the popularity of the Piedmontese club in China, in a context in which European main organizations will be able to # 39; fighting for an Asian market increase.

Her Valentine went on to mark the playground, and her; celebrates 17 visits in 22 Series A games, and guides its team to a positive position to make the & # 39; Scudetto's preservation.

The Luso star, which cost Juve close to 100 million euros last summer, came back to see the door this weekend, with two goals in the three-way cross against Parma.

Outside the field, the Portuguese, who are turning 34 on Thursday, have left their mark in China, the second largest economy in the world, Attending a large number of football fans.

The week in which Cristiano Ronaldo moved to the closing of Juventus, the Italian club grew 308,000 in the number of fans in social networks such as Weibo, Chinese, equivalent to Twitter, to WeChat app, and in the Douyin video app, as Juve appeared.

He also stated that the population growth in Weibo increased by 68.5 per cent between July and December last year, which showed that Cristiano Ronaldo's legal problems had not affected social networks.

Due to his difficulties with the Spanish tax office to stop taxes, there is a complaint about a ban on a woman in the United States.

Of players more than clubs

In recent years, a larger number of fans have more money, and, since then, there is no unsuitable appearance on the # 39; price paid by Juve for Ronaldo.

Experts describe their Asian giant as an "image market", because its fans tend to be more of the team's unique players.

So when Cristiano Ronaldo is changing team, thousands of Chinese fans are doing it.

"He's over football," said Juventus leader Giorgio Ricci, told AFP about the keyboards of the Juventus team.

"Ronaldo's success in China is only related to his performances on the playground and his achievements over the years," he says.

"The players have a stronger impact (in China) than the teams," he said.

"Players have close to 30 per cent of fans with their clubs," he says.

So what is the victory of Juventus in China on losing Real Madrid.

The Madrid team may have won the Champions & # 39; again, but he saw the number of fans in the networks reduced by 8,000 since Ronaldo was left, reporting a recent report with a digital marketing company based in Shanghai Mailman.

Although, saying the same source, the white club is still dependent on more fans in China.

Ronaldo, who won fifteen Golden Golds, attempts to do not have to do it. win over the Chinese market. That includes a yearly tour to the country and the development of its own digital channels to "connect with China and shorten pace with fans," says Ricci.

Last year, the star became an ambassador for the Wey car brand, so confirming its presence in China.

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