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With interests which are, in addition, more than 10 points per cent below the permitted limits – 28.98 per cent. – management fee or zero; online permission, in addition to extended dates Banks are going for good keepers, but they are in the competition.

The ability to spend your bank debt, plastic consumption, to another under new conditions which will, in general, help to reduce the value of monthly payments by way of longer-term payment overpayments t
Until January last year around 15.3 million credit cards were held by some 9 million people in Colombia, which is very low.

Therefore, if you are not surprised when answering your phone today, a bank advisor offers you the ability to buy your credit card debts much lower than your current rate. and from a hotel, giving you more time and freedom from the payment of treatment fees among others.

In banks such as Davivienda, this offer starts from a lower interest rate of 1.08 per month as a result of up to 1.35 per cent or between 13.49 per cent and 17.46 per cent effectively.

In Banco de Bogotá, these fields range between 0.88 and 1.36 per month to come or 11.08 and 17.59 per year.

Bank AV Villas between 0.79 and 2.19 months mature or 9.9 and 28.93 annual money, and Bankoomeva offers rates between 1.2 and 1.45 months each, equivalent to 15.39 and 18, 16 effective each year, to say a few.

Taking advantage of such expenses depends on the person being informed by paying the credit card. Also, for your credit rating in credit credentials (TransUnion and Datacrédito), your ability to pay, reports that are not negative in these data sources, as well as the type of card you have: Classic, Gold, Platinum, Premium or co-brannd.

In additional BBVA, the offer depends on the available quota held by the client in his bank card, as it must be sufficient to collect plastic debts from the other units, t definition of Liliana Orjuela, the executive of the alliance and loyalty of the bank.
He argues that it is essential that the charter for trade, which is to trade, has benefited from the rate (between 12.5 and 13.5%) and within the franchises established by the entity.

According to Margarita Ramírez, manager of the Banking Commercial Strategy People at Banco AV Villas, the purchase of a credit card kit is often a frequent occurrence, which usually happens in the first stage of the year, trying to reduce human finances t , after the end of the year.

Just last year the Colombians added 7 trillion pesos with their credit cards, the highest number for one month. In total 2018 this was exceeded 74.3 billion, according to the Financial Inspector.

Millions of Colombians are in the currency and advances in cart money by introducing one that achieves about 30 billion pesos.
In these cases, thousands go into their budgets at the start of the year, as the payment of these duties is included in schools and university costs, among others, so that they do not receive relief in the monthly plastic charge. more

“The negotiation will be a matter for each individual and their risk profile. In principle it can help you reduce the month, but this means putting the debt more time than current, who pays a little more, so it is have given you less interest than you did, "said the expert.

And bids for banks to attract more people to their portfolio are, that it is possible to extend the term of the debt to 60 months (5 years), possibly if a owner bought small purchases. received. If three of the payments have been canceled or less, then it is likely that it will be delayed no longer than this is eligible.

That is why there are people who say it is better to make accounts well and to change budgets to know if the change in the union agrees. 39 will agree the change in the union..

The reason is that buying the folder can be associated with other products, such as insurance, another card or the opening of accounts with the new entity that is not correct.

The best compromise is a person who takes a very low level along with a short-term, but seldom gets even if it is to reduce the flow of energy, experts say.

Customer loyalty

While purchasing the packs aims to attract a paying customer in the market, the banks will also use this strategy with their clients to build loyalty and excuse from them. Competing from the competition.

In Bancolombia, for example, taxpayers' taxes are often obtained by debating debts (from 0.83% of the next month) and terms, among other benefits.

Juan Pablo Granada, a finance expert and president of the Consumer Value company (CIV), says that when a bank comes with a range of services and products that are tailored to the needs of its own customers, not not only to allow them to loyalty but to try to offer the entrants a high price.

To describe it

Clara Inés Guzmán, director of Financial education for the client Old Mutual-Skandia, suggests some guidelines to make this change effective: t

1. Check the time that you pay the credit, as it often happens that you have completed an interest and if you re-arrange, it is more likely that you will end up paying it. payment of new costs as you extend the period of the debt.

2. Avoid new costs associated with trading, which are often represented in insurance, credit cards or other products.

3. Be aware of the length of time the new debts are set, as sometimes it can not be done less than a year or the unit does not allow advance payments or payments.

4. Avoid using the card to which you reached your agreement, because if you make the monthly payment amount, you will be lost off the compromise effect. Remember you had more time and didn't increase your salary or income.

5. Make sure that you use your card correctly, as this is a temporary distribution cost which does not benefit from funds, as it is a loan to make an investment.

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