The export is already reaching 57,000 million dollars in Latin America

One of the trends among consumers is today trading and this is shown by an analysis by Linio in which sales in this area in Latin America have found more than $ 57,000 million.

Brazil is 19,722.5 and Mexico has 17,629.6 million dollars among the countries with most of the most. sold in electricity. Those in Mexico (a country with a 65% internet access) are both those in Peru and are close to three times in Chile.

Latin America contributes about 3% of the global sales of electronic commerce in the world, these numbers are in fact; representing 3.5% of sales in the department, with a 15.7% increase for the same year, according to its shop.

According to this company, sales in Latin American countries going to more than 600,000 million dollars. These include Argentina with 90% interrupting the internet in the fourth place and Colombia under Argentina, with 70% get involved.

In the third case, Sile, with a sale of over 5,800 million dollars.

Source: Entrepreneurship

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