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The Ibex still lives in Dow Jones and drops Boeing

2:45 pm The Ibex retains Wall Street's bearish pressure and drops Boeing

The Ibex 35 maintaining the rise at 0.1% and moving at 9,140 points. The optional selection will keep the type and its & # 39; standing after the negative opening of New York, where dow Jones has opened 0.6%. The boeing news, which raises 10.8% after the crash of one of its planes in Ethiopia. In addition, the S & P500 is up 0.4% and Nasdaq is up 0.6%.

Minutes before the opening of the session, in the electronic works, Boeing has been a strong 12%, which represents a calculation loss of around 30,000 million dollarsBeing one of the most important parts of the Dow Jones group, the decline of the Boeing has proved to have been red to the group of the 30 largest United States (SA) lists, which were achieved in a day that would have been Another way has been positive.

This Sunday, a 737 Max 8 plane was made by Boeing and operated by Etiopian Airlines Inside minutes from leaving Ads Ababa (Ethiopia) to & # 39; going to Nairobi (Kenya), causing the death of the 157 people aboard. Since last year's October, another plane of the same model of the Lion company was sank in Java Java two minutes after leaving Jakarta, Killing 189 people, who have raised doubts about safety.

12:30 hrs The Ibex is linked to the 9,100 points

The Ibex rose 35 0.15% in the half session on Monday, which optionally took place in the total 9,142.8 at 12.00, in a main week in the British Parliament to finalize the Brexit.

While you are & # 39; Waiting for the result, the Spanish main program is still above the 9,100 psychology level, with a & # 39; Most of the quotas are rising, after the last Friday closing by 1.3% and breaking the three-month strike again.

The employment side was led by Mediaset (+ 1.47%), Reunidas Techniques (+ 1.34%), Acciona (+ 1.03%), Siemens Gamesa (+ 1.03%), Meli (+1, 01%) and Banco Sabadell ( + 0.76%), and on the other side Endesa (-1.01%), Naturgy (-0.73%), Ence (-0.66%) and Colonial (-0.65%).

The remainder of European stock exchange is also maintained at a half-session increase, 0.25% in the Frankfurt case, 0.23% for Paris and 0.76% for London.

On the other hand, Brent's quality oil barrel price, for the Middle East, was priced at 66.28 dollars, and Texas was put at 56.55 dollars.

Ultimately, the euro price against the dollar was set at 1,1242 grams, while the Spanish risk of 111 key points was long, with the interest of its & # 39; ten year bond at 1.08%.

10:45 hrs The Ibex is turning around

The Ibex 35 delivery is the lowest element at the opening and now trading at around 0.2%, with what's going to be the 9,100 points. Investors prefer not to go further with the risk areas a week than to be marked for Brexit's voting markets, which is very uncertainty and that is a & # 39; featured in these first conversation degrees. Bankia and Cellnex are the worst, which is just over 1%, but we are also aware of the Inditex burden, which presents the Wednesday and today output. leaving 0.86%.

Opening support

A 0.2% Spanish stock market opened for Ibex 35, which moves at 9,152 points. In the rest of Europe, the Dax is a 0.3% registration and EuroStoxx50 recycling 0.4% Something more of this week's time and optimized by hope The statements made on Friday night with the head of the jersey, Jerome Powell, who said he was not in a hurry to start the promotion levels in the United States. His statements are trying to be at # 39; impact on market, especially after the invalid data on work published on Friday on Wall Street. In the Asian session, Nikkei closed with an increase of 0.47% and with some hesitation after the support of the Chinese Bank's governor at China to his cash policy.

However, the week that has begun today has been a key consumer, The Brexit, a crucial tour of voting that begins tomorrow in the & # 39; Parliament and with the representatives who submit, or not, to the & # 39; plan resolved by Theresa May. This agreement was already refused on January 15, so, to take another negative victim, Wednesday on the & # 39; hard smile & # 39; no a & # 39; leave the EU without any agreement. If this ability is not denied, on Thursday there will be a third vote, which aims to request this extension to increase the term of the negotiations.

In addition to what's happening in London, "Reservoirs also take note of the emerging news from the US and China negotiations, especially after raising doubts about the scope of the agreement. to be there., and arbitrary or not the same as structural aspects such as the Chinese government's subordinates to the semi-public companies and the sanctions by breaking the contracts, "said Link Securities surveyors.Chinese officials said they will not take a president's meeting if the agreement is not strong,As long as the Financial Times newspaper was a? indicates that the agreement may be delayed to April or later.

So, things, investors can see this morning; The second half of the morning, although the luggage packaging is great and always cautious enough. "With the FED taking easier access, rather than keeping the hikes rates, the vision for equality is something more helpful", says Hans Goetti, founder of HG Research, to Bloomberg TV. In his sight, "with the wind of this tail from the deer, any correction will be very short."

Inside the Ibex, Leadership for IAG, after Citi's analysts have been built to become neutral. In addition, after the airlines, the first values ​​are BBVA, Telefnica and Melia, which increase around 0.8%. On the bottom, the worst part is Deags, Bankia and Inditex, dropped by 0.3%. The Galician multi-lingual group today has diminished BBVA statements, which experts have cut the level to the extent that they are " marketplace, a & # 39;

In today's macro day, a German business has already fallen 0.8% in January compared to the previous month, according to a provisional data published today by the Federal Statistical Office (Destatis ). Among the companies that are the news, have to take into account today's response to Wall Street Boeing, one of the Dow Jones awards, who could suffer the sufferers of hard suffering after a 737 Maxime model crash in Ethiopia, which has meant that you will be passing because China has banished an airplane from this model.

In the other markets, the euro is moving today with small increases and its; indicates a change against the dollar of 1,1245 units, and in the future markets, the type of Brent oil represents a price of 1% higher, up to 66, 34 dollars per barrel

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