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The Israeli spacecraft lands on a going picture of the moon

The Bereshit spaceship continues to produce wonderful pictures from the place and at the same time as another switch on Monday. Launched from Florida in February, the aircraft without staff who have now been lifted by Israel will be going ashore on 11 April.

SpaceIL's engineering team and the Aerospace Industry of Israel said that they had moved a great distance, which started and ran the space engines for 72 seconds.

"The teams are assessing the results of their move to find out if there is a need to move before the moon comes," they said.

Monday's motion was preparing for "Moon Capture", a complex move in which Beretit gets into the moon's entrance and releases it before landing. In recent weeks he has been circulating the soil.

The engineering team, based in Yehuda, in central Israel, painted a rare earthquake of around 10,000 miles away, the closer it will be to the ground before going on the next part of its journey.

Last week, Bereshit gave a fascinating video of sunrise from the place and took photographs of selfis with the Earth.

The name of the Hebrew word for the Book of Genesis is called Bereshit, which is the smallest of the different categories by weight: it is only 1.5 m. 2 m for. to 600 kg. The cost of this campaign is $ 100 million, which is much cheaper compared to other space projects.

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