The "Venezuela Aid Live" concert brought about 2.5 million dollars

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The "Venezuela Aid Live" concert, held on 22 February in the Colombian city of Cúcuta, has built 2,485 million dollars for that country, although there is still an opportunity to give, Thursday organizers said.

A concert, which aims to build $ 100 million, says "for peace, humanity and justice support with a universal and peaceful language: music," said the organizers in the statement.

As stated, 370,000 people attended the concert held on Colombian side of international Trentitas, a brand new and non-branded infrastructure. connect the country together with Venezuela.

With this viaduct, it was first introduced that an international co-operation would receive humanitarian aid and, when opposing the opposition, trying to reduce the crisis in Venezuela.

In addition, "millions of people connected from around the world" added to " concert, add to the information they have organized.

In this regard, co-organizer "Venezuela Aid Live" Bruno Ocampo stressed that "aid has come from all continents and that shows that the whole world heard the message, to take full responsibility and willingness to support the Venezuelan people. "

"This is an attempt we have made together. No one can change music to break chains. Nothing can express our voices and that's why not follow We continue to behave for our Venezuelan sisters and sisters, "he said.

The promoters said that "nothing could be" without "helped thousands of people who gave the time, talent and resources so that this campaign was born so that music of the world's eyes on the Colombian-Venezuela borders, it will be fulfilled more than ".

Finally, they state that the money raised will be used for humanitarian support "through a sustainable, effective and transparent social investment for Venezuela."

That contribution "will be made in two months, to 22 April, and that will be done to explore the best key needs and objectives for this support," they said.

In a concert, artists such as Alejandro Sanz, Carlos Baute, Carlos Vives, Diego Torres, El Cholo Valderrama, Fonseca, José Luis Rodríguez "El Puma", Juanes, Juan Luis Guerra, Miguel Bosé and Luis Fonsi.


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