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There are concerns about the high number of cases of dengue

From last October, health authorities identified a steady increase in dengue cases, which is the result of a three-yearly environmental sensitivity, according to the Ministry of Health and the National Institute of Health (INS).

However, the rise in events was having to keep the Ministry warning, noted that there were 15,864 confirmed cases to this Thursday, and a further 4,136 would be investigated, which will be confirmed on Monday.

"This follows us, again, again repeating the urgent call to the country units to strengthen measures of prevention again", Health Minister Juan Pablo Uribe said in a press conference.

Moreover, he explained to the minister, cutting the wings up to the present, which is currently in the divisions, with the aim of killing the victory.

Martha Lucía Ospina, director of the director, said that there was The record-breaking amount of dengue activity in the country occurred in 2010, when 156,000 cases were identified, including 291 deaths.

However, he noted, that despite the first three months of the year 10.16% of the total for that year are recorded, the cases are lower than the projected estimates. “With our projections now, we hope that 120,000 cases will be recorded this year, although we know about two thousand new cases per week,” said the INS.

With more cases

According to the minister of Uribe, the departments Putumayo, Amazonas, Meta, Norte de Santander, Guaviare, Boyacá, Huila, Cesar, Tolima, Magdalena and Córdoba are the ones that record the highest incidence of the disease and 55.7% of all cases recorded (8,841) Currently warning of caution, that is, in 34% of the country.

As a result, the minister also pointed out that the call is directed towards medical and care services, "judging in good time, recognizing the signs of disease, carrying out the necessary care and making fatal results. T to avoid evil due to bad weather. " .

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