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There will be a Copa Copa party between tangos and cobias

How does it work?
American cup system 2020

The competition will be played by two groups of 6 teams each, one based in Colombia and the other in Argentina.

Group 1: Colombia, Brazil, Ecuador, Venezuela, Peru and a host country (in Colombia).

Group 2: The Argentina, Uruguay, Paraguay Chile, Bolivia and the other invited country (based in Argentina).

Game system: oppose each and the best 4 in each zone to play the periodicals.

In these situations the outings would begin. Two of these talks were taking place in Colombia, and the other two in Argentina.

Semifinals: one in one country and the other in another.

Final visit Yesterday the Conmebol had not confirmed where the final of the tournament will be. It may be made after an assessment of the units.

No big investment

The outgoing Cup in 2001 was about US $ 80 million. And although the current government has not delivered a figure, there would be no major government investment by 2020. Chile-2015 (US110 million) and US-16 (US200 million).


Despite the allocation of the Argentine Alliance to the event, and the government of Colombia's support, it was not possible to put itself in Conmebol. Evidence that there is no pressure.

it's better

The country has obviously been getting better than in 2001 when it made the Copa América stadium difficult for public orders going through Colombia and cost the country $ 80 million. into the country. The president of the Dimayor Jorge Enrique Vélez said the fixed offices (Medellín, Barranquilla, Bogotá and Cali) were meeting the needs of the Conmebol. T “You need to make some improvements to security cameras, but it's only very small and in Cali we need to improve the light.” As well as the issue of the implementation of the VAR, That's what the Confederation is all about. “The system uses the cameras that take place on television, an extra couple and the same place or other changing the judging team to watch it. t the activities on the screens. Pacho Maturana, a technical hero in 2001 with Colombia, made another statement. "Everything will change, I don't know if it's better or worse".

benefits to the nation

Deputy Tourism Minister Juan Pablo Franky believes the organization of the Cup will have a very positive impact on the country. “Tourism and the profile of the nation have been shown to improve after these events. All our terms and conditions are very good, a geographically beneficial place and 45 million guests, if anything, Colombians stand at a hostile level. Reasonably, there will be important economic efforts that we have to make, but surely the responses will be greater ".

With regard to sport, the National Team of Colombia will be exporting, Oblast Córdoba, He says that he will always be local to the benefit. "It is a special soul that could go on to the final and how good it would be to play with Argentina, who also get great support from her people. T If you don't get this year's title in Brazil, I hope it will be here. "

other competitions

This is not the first time that the American Copa America will share places, it happened in 1975, 1979 and 1983, those which had no fixed headquarters until it was played back and forth by parallel visits. These titles were received separately by Peru, Paraguay and Uruguay.

The Eurocopa is another event that has divided a number of main offices on a number of occasions: in 2000, when Belgium and Holland held the France-winning competition; later, in 2008, Austria and Switzerland were the people in charge of doing it; and Poland and Ukraine made it in 2012. The Concrete is also surrounded by its Gold Cup, in 1993 the first issue was held in Mexico and the USA. UU., Same as in 2003 and 2015, when the USA and Canada depended on doing the honor. While the World Cup was also shared in 2002 by the guests in Korea and Japan.

Memory cup, 2001

Argentina, which is immersed in an economic crisis, can organize an event to improve their money from tourism. However, as Colombia was responsible for the matter which might be included as headquarters, which is the president of Boca Juniors, t Daniel Angelicithis week, he said this week, in a variety of Argentine media, that country was not only ready to complete the competition. “We do not have the number of stadiums as we need the Fifa rules. The stadium does not have the final license in the City of Buenos Aires. "Eventually, Mario Kempes, from Córdoba, is the situations suggested by that country; the Malvinas Argentinas, from Mendoza; the new Unique Stop, of Santiago del Estero; and President Perón, known as the Perique, known as the Perique. "El Cilindro" and instead of Racing de Avellaneda, the pale which is the list is the Rivers Stream River.

Efforts are made

Ernesto Lucena

Director Coldeportes

“Our journey has to be to reach the Conmebol Council in Rio, the love of a nation for being the united football between the Government, its leadership and all supporters, and to with the American-2020 Copa. Colombia. "

Mario Alberto Yepes


"The Copa is a party in America. In 2001, the whole country was united around the National Team, which was absolutely a victory for the title. I'm sure it will be the same for me." I hope the team's favorable environment will lead to the final. ”

Federico Gutiérerz

Mayor of Medellín

“We are ready to be one of the subsidiary offices of Copa América-2020. This is the Latin American town which has worked hard for a soccer culture in peace and this is a good time for us to show results. "

Michael Gil Gómez

President Medellín

“The news is very exciting, the Cup is a hugely important event for the nation. For the town, it is one of the best aspects of sport, tourism and of course, innovative to attract overseas people. "

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