They condemn 8 years imprisonment to Elisenis Muñoz, the same as the Devil

She was well-known by the Good Shepherd, where she is still. He was found guilty of robbery and his / her. making and carrying weapons.

The Seventh Criminal Court of Barranquilla Trail gave Elisabeth Muñoz Navarro, alias La Diabla, sentenced to eight years and seven months imprisonment, after being found guilty of the crimes that were seriously injured in a competition By trading, trading and firearms personal protection.

The CTI's agents at the Center Office were responsible for contacting Muñoz Navarro yesterday's morning at El Buen Pastor in Barranquilla, the middle of a prison in which the woman lives from May 2018 after caught in an evening club in the north of Barranquilla. to prevent a home detention measure set by another judge of warranty control.

Elisabeth Muñoz, originally from Aracataca Magdalena and 26 years old, had already been convicted in 2016 for belonging to the group of house predators known as Los Jericó & # 39 ;.

However, he became aware of her on Thursday, February 22, 2018, when he used his physical features, he would have drawn the guards to allow his entrepreneurs to enter the office businessman at home. In addition, it seems that it also works with a # 39; surrender and supervision of the robber's victims.

On Tuesday, April 3, the Devil stops at a 15B race with 69th Street at Villa Stadium, in Soledad. Researchers of the Sijín fought on the door of the house and found the woman in one of the rooms, in her company and her husband.

Shortly after this arrest, the woman dropped again in May for her home detention. before.

When it was handed over to the ears before the judge 15 had control duties on warrant, Daniel Corrales Oviedo, Viviana Patricia Iriarte, the procurator, read the Finance Office Support Structure in & # 39 ; account of the facts the day of the research was in; She's a Diabla home, looking for those who dressed on the Inpec of Smart Tag's bracelet fragrance which she thought she was one of her horns.

In her album, the authorities report that the lagoon arrived in 2013; the Devil for the neo-weapon band & # 39; The Pulpiters, dedicated to stealing people.

Lover in surgery?

During the original ears against Elisabeth Muñoz Navarro, which the authorities did not notice, and even here, the defense lawyer emphasized the change in appearance of women.

The Devil & # 39; had been tied to the robber at the home of Armando Benedetti Jimeno through a revival of pictures.

The lawyer then said that he was not enough with the pictures, because his / her authority had sent his / her authority; police to those pictures "it was not like the user" since he changed his & # 39; apparently because he did a surgery.

In this particular historic house, you can take a look at the corporate changes that Muñoz Navarro has had in a few years, in fact, by using a superb surgery .

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