They say that the Amazon owner's cell phone has been broken

Washington – Saudi's government was sweeping a phone from an Amazon owner and one of the world's wealthiest men, America Jeff Bezos, and received private information, according to his security manager, local media today.

"Our inspectors and a number of experts have come to an end with the Saudis access to the Bezos phone and received private information"., head of security, Gavin De Becker, wrote in an article published on The Daily Beast website.

De Becker explained that he had completed his review by the Bez Bez commission about the publication, in January last year, of private text messages between the businessman and the television showman Lauren Sánchez. a natural naturalist goes on.

In February last year, the company parent's company, Bezos, decided to send a message to text images and private images to stop the De Becker research into the source of the cloth in which he received that material.

As explained, the Amazon owner, David Pecker, president of American Media Inc., sent the tabloid parent, informing each other through money to publish money and display private messages if he failed to produce a copy. it stopped the investigation.

"Indeed I don't want to publish personal images, but I don't want to take part in their unique habits, the political prophecies, political aggression and corruption," said Bezos about American Media Inc..

Security officer Bezos said he had converted it to federal officials.

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