They stop women with more than 100 petals for the Navarro Wolff campaign; they paid him $ 35,000

The woman was supposed to be distributing that advert in the north of Bogota, and when she was arrested she was convicted of 35,000 pesos per day for delivery, according to Noticias Uno.

In the leaflets, which still know where they're coming, the Bogotanos are invited to invite Antonio Navarro Wolff on Claudia López to become a candidate for the Green Alliance for the Office of Bogotá.

"You, who is going to win a Green Party vote for a candidate from Bogotá?", it is read in the papers that their image is of the two very low levels with a pimp of the image Navarro Wolff.

Flyer / Screenshot: News One

These leaflets are added to the posters with various posts and walls, and are not part of the team's strategy.

Posters Navarro Wolff

For the senator, the campaign wants to "harm" his campaign and called on the community to help find those people responsible.

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