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What if Google Maps move Waze slowly?

What if Google Maps move Waze slowly?

Waze has been for many years The preferred option for users to experience the traffic time when they were; drive. It is a powerful device and has a full day-to-day carer of its drivers Nutrition with correct information for the service.

Although Google Maps has included a set of features that have been approved Stop simply becoming a map application server on the web to make the best version of Waze, including the best use of Google's artificial data and services with a replica of the most distinctive features of the original Israel app that received Mountain View in 2013 for just over 1,000 million dollars.

What if Google Maps move Waze slowly?

Nowadays, Both applications work in parallel. However, according to the latest news, Google Maps has begun to incorporate and significantly enhance Waze's most important actions at the time. This strategy with most of G a & # 39; Give us an idea of ​​having a keen interest in nurturing the two devices or, on the other hand, we can see how Google maps start to & # 39; move Waze slowly for his last days.

Waze has several of the most distinctive features in Google Maps

There is an uncertain fact: at present, Online map systems and real-time shipping services have been essential for each of us. After mobile phones have been able to offer GPS navigation services, Most users have started using their everyday activities, sea, for example, traveling to their jobs or, on vacation, unidentified route travel.

What if Google Maps move Waze slowly?

Waze is one of the first sources to be & # 39; offer these types of services. However, Google Guides are currently Google Maps to offer updates that respond to the customers' request, such as going to & # 39; including actions that show speed limits and warning drivers to the areas of radar and rapid flow.

In the same way, Google Maps will start sending drivers warning to possible accidents, and # 39; allows users to update this information on a daily basis. Also, has recently started a special offer and upcoming events in places that are still in the app. There is also a talk about an internal message system and the ability to havehtags added to the changes made by users in the application.

Each of these functions are designed to improve driving in real time and, too, many of them are in Waze, even before the app was reached by Mountain View.

That is why we ask ourselves: Are these motions with Google intending to finalize Waze permanently? It is difficult to say that, from-there is a community at the same time-Waze Over 100 million drivers are elected, but – on the other hand – a Google map service does not support drive but also It offers important work for walkers and people who have a great deal. using public transport.

In short, it will be important The shift of these two requests continued during this year and see how they are improving to give detailed information on the plans of Google for both. Although, certainly, two of the bids that offer the best service.

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