Who runs the street? Despite the poor state of air in Medellin, people burn fires like it's not

Video reception

In Medellín, people are struggling today, anti-pollution. Even the Glen Aburrá Municipal District would have to take some very real steps to mitigate the impact and improve air quality, stopping vehicles, but even delivered a complaint to Network 30. . You can see a video where people burn fires like nothing happening, defacing the town again, which gave power in the community to ask, who regulates the people. streets?

In the video that they sent to us, the reporter told us that these people seem to burn the tires to get a little metal to get the tire in and so on. was able to make money. This same activity is also done with copper cables, which are burned by the rubber covering this material for sale, and so are sold.

It should be noted that the Barrier State was named in Medellín and Valle de Aburrá, until vehicles and pollution companies were controlled, but this type of damage was affecting the air of the town t .

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