Why does Bellaface shortage contraceptive in some Colombia shops?

The drug is part of the group of medicines included in the management of the Ministry of Health price.

Against a shortage of objections, Noticias Caracol advised the Invima, who said everything was the result of a tremendous request that caused the regulation that allowed prices to go down from an average of $ 50,000 to around the limits. for $ 15,000.

"We asked him the same LaFrancol Abbot, the owner of BellaFace, and then he admitted that he had a store of doctors in his cellars," said Lucía Ayala, director of medicines and materials for Invima.

His new case is not, in July 2018, the US embassy sent a letter to the Ministry of Health asking for drugs not to be included in the Aba laboratory into the proposed rule.

Invima has seven forms of movement that the same parts of Bellaface as introduced to the price control process.

News Caracol was communicating with the Abbot laboratories and saying there was no shortage of provisions and, according to the increased demand, they are changing work at the Cali center.

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