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Xiaomi could be preparing a new Redmi with 32 megpixels in the face-to-face

Redmi Note 7, screen

Xiaomi continued following aims to develop each year of a tool catalog, always trying low prices to make yourself different from your competition, which usually gives the same thing for a higher price, and doesn't want to save some euro?

Now president Redmi, a recent subsidiary company Xiaomi, has denied that the company could work on a destination with a front camera reaching the number of 32 megapixels, probably give selfie the significance of the features of the hand.

32 faces megapixel camera, Redmi S3, are you?

Redmi, the Redmi S, has a range of destinations which have the top prize for receiving a high resolution front camera, which is great for self-employed lovers, who can enjoy the headline. purpose Despite being free, there is a good camera for self-manufacture.

Redmi S2 Rosa

As we said, president Redmi has asked Weibo if he needs Redmi's 32 megapixel camera, and introducing the company's use to put hype where their managers report, t It would not be strange if we first thought the Redmi S3.

As you may be able to read in GizmoChina this end may have an ISOCELL vector with a Samsung signature, which Live HDR presentation and Binning Pixel technology For more information on each image, the company has already activated in the 48-megapixel cameras at the Redmi Note 7 and the Xiaomi Mi 9.

We praise you | Redmi's Chief Executive is confirming this: model is a Snapdragon 855 processor

The current Redmi S2 is currently Qualcomm Snapdragon 625 We could also expect Redmi to make the leap to Snapdragon 636 with a third version of the destination no longer known for this time.

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