Xiaomi My 9 a first phone that is capable of its & # 39; moon well?

Diego Ojeda / @ diegoojeda95.

Not the most important thing in a & # 39; camera, which confirms China's banner with its new news. A powerful process and one of the fastest wire costs on the market is also part of its features.

Many have become self-confident, when they want to make a picture of a fascinating moon with their cell phones, they will get mediocre yield. Its moon is & # 39; Looking great and spectacular in the air, and on the phone it looks like a very small distance of distance.

Apparently, "the most romantic camera in history Xiaomi", Thus defined by a Chinese technology company, the solution with its latest release, Mi 9.

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In particular, Xiaomi says that the "night view mode" that connects the new section of your satellite filters, can significantly reduce the brightness of the moon and the satellite device approach.

Although the Xiaomi product is capable of measuring the distribution of its output; body and part of the crack, this does not mean the final product is considered professional. It is good enough, compared to the results achieved by ordinary phones, but not enough to be amazing. For this reason the device should bring together a reduction in clarity with a powerful flexible zoom, something difficult for the current technology that is going to be; Connect the lenses that are present in a mobile phone.

However, its moonlight is just one of the opportunities that Xiaomi is doing; offered by the photo section, which is converted by Three back cameras of 48, 16 and 12 megapixels. In particular, each of these lenses is the job to be able to; capture the main image, accessing a wider area of ​​the scene and to Get thumbnails from e-mails.

This device also has a 20 megapixel face camera connection.

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When you explore other features, Xiaomi is also proud to have a & # 39; show a 20W gun offered, the first one of the kind, he says. With this new integration, its company has a & # 39; confirm that the device can be energized, by this means, 37% faster.

In connection with his / her process, Mi 9 a & # 39; link in Snapdragon 855 which has the power with RAM 8 GB. Your internal resource can reach 256 GB.

If the screen is reviewed, My 9 is connected AMOLED large 6.39-inch with a resolution of 1,080 pixels with 2,280 pixels. This design contains a piece in its & # 39; upper part in a falling format, which builds its & camera. Finally, the display of this device is also marked by a fingerprint reader, technology that other Chinese makers have also integrated.

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In addition, My 9 a battery connection is 3,300 milliamp, Part Android 9 as a operating system, and a set of sensors that stand up with the accelerometer, gyroscope and barometer.

Its price, which converts the yuan to Colombian pesos, is just over $ 1,500,000.

My 9 prominent, a machine designed for gamers

This Chinese logo seems to have a great deal for obvious phones. He made it a special edition with the Mi 8 Pro and now he is doing it again with the Mi 9.

Again, its company does not have a & # 39; specify if what is visible in that publicity; in line with real and internal phone design, or a type of & # 39; stip to a & n; Replica the same with more feeling.

This device has part of the differences, if it is compared to the usual layout that is displayed, including RAM 12GB, which connects well to the Snapdragon 855 to improve actions; requires a high level of processing. This is why this phone may be considered a great option for gamers.

Its price, which was again from Yuan to Colombian pesos, is around $ 2,000,000.

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