Colombiano Nicolás Benedetti is the cover of America


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In the next hour America officially when the center of Colombia's neighborhood is coming Nicolás Benedetti, who plays in & # 39; town Deportivo Cali.

According to media in that country, Coapa team paid 6 million dollars for 70 per cent of a 21-year-old player.

The Bard is one of the three options that the eagles needed to reinforce their midfielder, and the other two Kaku Romero and Héctor Villalba, who will play in the MLS and that different arguments did not belong to different reasons.

Benedetti one of the players who will be nominated as part of future futures in the future Colombian election, why he chose the offer for a whole Roof, because he saw a chance to grow in the Mexican wedding pen.

It's worth mentioning that before you leave the command of American activity, Mauricio Culebro He left the conversations with his & # 39; Deportivo Cali to get services to their poets.

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