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The Color Line owner increased trading and profit last year, according to the company's new annual report.

The company's turnover of NOK 5.14 billion last year, up from NOK 4.97 million in the previous year.

The operating profit (EBIT) ended at NOK 686 million, up from NOK 630 million.

The profit of NOK 439 million, up from NOK 372 million, was this year.

The best result this company will show, is figures from

“The result in 2018, amongst other things, is to increase consumer income, growth in goods markets and efficient operations”, the company writes in associated press releases. the report.

Color Group is a company parent of the company of passengers and freight Color Line and owned by O. N. Sunde MP.

The Color Line has a fleet of seven ships.

The total passenger figure was 3.78 million last year, a decrease from 3.81 million in the previous year.

The headteacher earned 6.8 million

Color Line has had a positive outcome over the last five years.

Back in 2014, the minimum result was NOK 99 million. The shipping company was then introduced year after year – by 2018 as the main year.

"Many years of organizational work and investment in the technology and knowledge goal have resulted in good results from the Color Line," the company writes in the report.

– This includes increased income, higher customer loyalty and effective operations, according to the CEO Trond Kleivdal on-line.

And the strong results pay off Kleivdal.

Last year, Kleivdal NOK achieved 6.8 million, according to the annual report.

This comprised 4 million salaries, and the remaining 2.8 million made bonuses, pensions and other payments.

This was an increase from 2017 – when it received NOK 6.6 million.

Large hybrid vessel

Building the biggest hybrid plug-in company in the world at the Link Line
The Ulstein Shipyard, which is entered in the Sandefjord-Strømstad route in summer 2019.

Previously E24 has written that the 160-meter long vessel will have a capacity, of around 2,000 passengers and 500 cars, and a much greater capacity on the current route.

That the boat is becoming a “plug-in hybrid” this means that their batteries will get a stick from the shore power plant or from the boat generators.

A stock exchange list was postponed

The group of colors last winter announced that the company was considering a list of the company's stock exchange in relation to a generational change within the O.N. Sunde.

But the same winter, the company announced that they would be putting forward the stock exchange list forever.

“The board has decided not to proceed with this option, particularly in light of market circumstances," he said in a company exchange of stock from that company at that time.

The company has registered aid loans.

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