Colorado Fires Coach, Mike MacIntyre, 2016 national coach of the year


After a six-game lost streak, Colorado has planned and paid the coach with Mike MacIntyre's coach. The school called on Sunday afternoon afternoon after ESPN's original reports, The Athletics and other places. The MacIntyre burns effectively and there is still an interim coach for the regular season of the Buffaloes season at Cal. George will search a research company to help identify candidates for MacIntyre fans.

"I want to thank Mike for six seasons of hard work and separation for the program, both on and from the range," said Rick George athlete director. "There is no doubt that the 2016 season was magical, and it was likely that we went on to take place among the country. But, analyzing guidance Program over the past two years, I felt that this is the necessary time to change. "

MacIntyre's purchase is $ 10.3 million, but can be restricted if he gets another job at college or NFL levels.

The decision is very fascinating as Colorado has been running out of a & # 39; 201-0 season 2018. The reports on the MacIntyre final have been going on for last week or so, but George said earlier in a statement that he had not make any decisions about the future of & # 39; football program. "

However, it's the last appearance of 30-7 Colorado to Utah on Saturday. In a press conference after & # 39; game, MacIntyre was disturbed in the response to a security security question in his post.

"No, I do not think that's the last game. There's one other, we hope we can win that and go to a bowl game." MacIntyre (through Football Scoop) said. "You know, there are always words in this business. The business thing is hard, when you're good, everyone is asking why you are leave them. So they'll be sorry when you leave. "

"I could have left for three places good, but I stayed. That's just like it," continued. "Then you're lost and they want to get rid of you. So you can not win as a coach there, and I understand that."

Burning is just two years after MacIntyre was over 10-season season and featured in the Pac-12 Competition Game, honoring AP Coach na Bliadhna on the way. However, the Buffaloes dropped to 5-7 the following season and a final short term will be completed with a lost record in five of the MacIntyre seasonal season in Boulder.

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