COLUMBUS – A few weeks ago, the Zú Columbus and the Aquarium were celebrated when a young teenager, Ubumwe arrives. On Saturday, the zoo named the female giraffe Masai calf. She was 19 years old.

The zoo heard on Saturday through social media.

The zoo said: "At the moment, the case is unknown and we do not know more about neurpsy, autopsy of animals and we will get knowledge of geography in several weeks . "

The team of animal care professionals had watched Ubumwe and her mother, Zuri, around her birthplace. Although she had previously been active and nursing as appropriate, his care team noted Nov.16 that the behavior and appearance of Ubumwe were changing.

Umbrella breeders found that Ubumwe had a bit about them and shed pain and cure pain to reduce gastrointestinal discomfort. After the test, Ubum began to rescue Zuri.

During the early hours of time, Ubumwe care providers felt that she was still suffering from gastrointestinal discomfort, so an ongoing test was carried out. including audio and other information.

"The situation was severe as the ultrasound showed an adult's anomaly, and was then removed to the zoo Animal Health Center for a CT scan" said the zoo in a statement.

The CT survey did not discourage or otherwise cause its discomfort that would work out surgery. She continued to be cautious care from zoo animal professionals and She stayed in another place behind the scenery, where she appeared calm and comfortable during the night.

Early on Saturday morning, his health lasted quickly once again, and died very quickly.

Bold Ubumwe a & # 39; first zoo born squirrel at zo zo in 20 years.

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