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2 January, 2019 / 4:07 f | Story:

Lord & Taylor's new store on Fifth Avenue in New York has been locking his doors forever, after 104 years.

The fantastic shop dating for the animated holiday windows closed down on Wednesday afternoon, and closed; ending with a sale that left full vacant sites. By the end, clothing that was once sold for as many as $ 100 was going for $ 5.99.

The 11-story building was sold to the WeWork leasing company for over $ 850 million.

Twenty-five other sources are less open Lord & Tailors, & # 39; mostly on the east. In addition, Lord & Taylor's goods are sold online through the Walmart website.

Patty Conte said the Fifth Avenue was the best source for her and came to Wednesday "to make a special trip." She bought some women's shoes under "buy, buy one free".

For her, it's not a good thing to do & # 39; buy online "as it is important to feel the content and try to do things."

The felling at a Fifth Avenue source which has shown a moving economy in which brick-and-mortar retailers has had a huge impact on online sales.

Hudson Bay Bay, a Canadian corporate behemoth who has been on the company since 2012, said that he was closing the main banner and some of the other sources because of "a greater focus on digital opportunity and a commitment to profit development."

It was founded in 1826 on the eastern eastern part of Manhattan, Lord & Taylor is one of the first major regional divisions run by two cousins ​​in English, Samuel Lord and George Washington Taylor. The store lived in a number of places before 1914, as it moved into the building to complete a full Manhattan block on Fifth Avenue at 38 Street.

The Store was closed for 3 p.m., when customers were turned off. But the last door was not locked to 3:22 p.m., which would take those within a few minutes to leave.

But this is not the last time of Conte to Lord & Taylor.

"I'm staying in West Hartford, and there's another one."


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Syncrude has made a complaint guilty and a fine of over $ 2.7 million was killed in the death of 31 large yards at one of the northern oil mines of Fort McMurray.

Agreed agreed statement states that Syncrude has revealed that sump lunch was not found where the birds were found to have been prevented from having a water aviation from a " put on, although the criteria met for a big risk.

"For three months from May to August 2015, the sump met the outside of the formal criteria … and providing features that make it attractive to birds and other animals, "said the statement.

"However, the outside sump was not specified in the list (pond) made by Syncrude for inspection purposes … or was not addressed according to a defense plan (water airs)."

The Mildred Lake Syncrude mine was pond at one time in addition to a kilometer long, 400 meters wide and eight meters deep. Although it was drained to a degree and it was dry in some years, Syncrude had not been able to completely reconstruct its pipe and continued to continue it, keeping books, lights and bitumen.

The statement says that the birds were not found until a contract worker dropped them as long as they were going. Look for a short from one part of the site to another.

"The watchman saw a large blue garden in the sump that lay down," he says. "(Collecting Workers) to find a living granite and find 30 clay stones."

Staff also received a sandstone with 26 nests about 300 meters away as well as evidence that there were other livestock in the area.

"Agreement to pay an important tax will show a deeper depth of our remoteness about this event," said Spokeswoman Will Gibson. "Our main goal is to understand what the event was for."

Fences and cascades were immediately installed and all of the turbines were recently introduced under the Syncrude plan to keep wildlife away from poisonous substances at their mines, say the statement.

The pond sump was completely devoted at a cost of $ 16 million.

Regional environmental costs for $ 975,000 were total penalties. Of this, $ 950,000 is entering into a property managed by the Energy Controller of Alberta and has been identified for projects that are currently underway. Increasing wildlife habitat or appealing land.

The rest of the penalty, nearly $ 1.8 million, came from federal taxes under the Migratory Birds Act. These monies will be transferred to the Environmental Expenditure Fund, a generously managed conservation fund.

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2 January, 2019 / 12:39 f | Story:

Parts of solar car and solar panel manufacturer Tesla Inc. will continue on Wednesday after the company has cut $ 2,000 vehicle prices and four-quarter selling figures that were not far from the Wall Street estimates.

A company said in a statement before the markets opened that it delivered more than 245,000 vehicles and SUVs last year, almost every year before.

But Tesla also said that he would cut prices of his three modules with $ 2,000 to help customers control the federal electricity taxation fees. On 1 January federal credit fell for Tesla customers from $ 7,500 to $ 3,750. It will be progressed gradually this year.

The delivery of its company delivery for its & # 39; The total year of Wall Street estimates, but the figures for its fourth quarter did not succeed. Tesla said he delivered 90,700 vehicles from October through December. Analysis analyzed by FactSet data provider that expects 92,000. Tesla said the delivery of four-quarters was 8 per cent higher than bilingually; up of the quarter in the third quarter of 2018.

Tesla shares dropped 7.2 percent per day trading to $ 308.94. In the past year they have traded from a low cost of $ 244.59 to $ 387.46.

The company now has a & # 39; move a significant part of its business and must decide whether to cut a cut to be similar to the growing or growing demand; reducing his cars to promote sales as other businessmen, analyst Gartner, Michael Ramsey.

"They have more demand for a long time of provision," said Ramsey. "It's obviously changing that move is changing."

For a full year, Tesla said he had 254,530 vehicles, which is 9,290 more than delivered. The company would not know how many vehicles were there; in a timetable at the end of the year, but he said enough to give 20 days of sale at the end of September.

"Our registered standards are the smallest in the industry of the equipment," said the Wednesday company.

The Tesla product in 2018 fell far less than its ambition for nearly three years of 500,000 manufacturing vehicles for the year. This objective was published in May 2016 based on prior orders for Module 3.

It is not clear how the delivery figures will impact on the quarterly and full-year 2018 Tesla earnings, which will be likely to be published in February. Ramsey stated that the stock and company price rose despite the lost loss due to the fact that investors were constantly resident; think that Tesla needed to spend money to increase the product to meet a huge demand. If financial problems, financial problems as a good debt need to "start to be real, really bad," said Ramsey.

Tesla deliveries in 2018 included nearly 146,000 Model 3 low-cost cars and a further 99,000 Model S Sedan and Model X SUV, and both $ 100,000 can be easily. Model 3 starts at $ 35,000 but can still be purchased for $ 45,000.

In the third quarter of 2018, Tesla gave a commitment from the Director of Elon Musk to make profits after years of loss. The company earned $ 311.5 million in the three months to & # 39; came to an end in September, which lost $ 619 million at the same time last year.

It was not the third time that Tesla spent a periodic profit in the history of eight years as a public company and his / her; first time in two years. Musk has promised to post a series of ongoing seasonal profits.


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Jan 2, 2019 / 11:32 m | Story:

Evaluation values ​​of some single family households in Metro Vancouver at the same time fall between five and 10 percent in the most recent evaluations used to establish property taxes in British Columbia.

At the same time, BC Assessment says that some of the owners of possession in the rest of the division have seen an increase of five to 15 per cent in the building values.

The company will equivalent equity pre-statement increasing up to 20 per cent over B.C. this year.

Most of the department ranged from 10 to 20 per cent, with an increase of between 10 and 20 per cent, with some markets around Metro Vancouver; up to 30 per cent.

BC Evaluation, collection, & # 39; monitor and analyze property data.

His evaluations are based on the estimate of the market value of the possession on July 1st of each year and its corporate state on October 31.

The Deputy Chief Inspector Keith MacLean-Talbot says that an increase in ownership appraisals that translate into a similar increase in property tax.

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January 2, 2019 / 10:03 m | Story:

Port Montreal's long-term tenants vote unanimously for a strike order to be used at any time during ongoing contract arrangements with their employers.

Union spokesman Michel Murray said today that 99.49 per cent of voters had the power of their union to call a strike at the second largest in the country.

Murray says he is not hopeful about the situation between his union and the Association of Marine Professionals, a group that includes ship owners, agents, long-term representatives and companies.

He says that there are around 1,100 residents who have a long time at their port; Looking to improve work situations, including record changes to, Members need to work 19 days out of 21.

Murray adds to the jobs that are going on. lived long ago under strict rules, to address normal disciplinary measures and often obstruct them.

A spokesman for their employers' association says that the arrangements are in place; going well and members are amazed by their members.

Yves Comeau says the aim of the societies is to achieve a good endeavor for both sides.

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January 2, 2019 / 8:53 m | Story:

By increasing oil prices, this helped to increase the energy sector as the Canadian stock market leader was at the end of the year. height on the first trading day of the year.

The S & P / TSX component indexes had 24.59 points at 14,347.45.

In New York, Dow Jones's business average decreased 64.4 points at 23266.06. The S & P 500 index was 5.72 points at 2,501.13, while the Nasdaq company was 0.75 per point at 6,636.03.

The salarian in Canada refused for 73.50 pence in US compared to 73.30 cents, usually on Monday until 2018 closure.

There was an illegal contract in February of $ 1,47 at $ 46.88 per barrel and Gearran's natural gas contract was up to 3.5 cents at US $ 2.97 per mmBTU.

The Gold Gold contract was up to US $ 7.30 at US $ 1,288.60 units and Martin's copper contract was down 2.20 cents at US $ 2.61 pounds.

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January 2, 2019 / 8:08 m | Story:

Halifax district digital studio is available for salaries up to $ 1.5 million over five years.

The New Zealand Business Industry, a government business development agency, says that REDspace Inc. encouraged to extend his work in Bedford.

The company has a & # 39; Specializing in mobile, web, video and play for media messages and networks, including Turner, NBC and Sony Pictures.

The government says that REDspace could create up to 125 posts under the five year pay limit agreement.

The company will get less weakened if fewer jobs are created.

The government says that REDspace "provides new methods for its clients to deliver interactive experiences" to users.

REDspace was set up by Mike Johnston, three Truro who returned to Nova Scotia from Boston after the 2000 electric disaster.

By the end of January, its start had grown to almost 200 workers.

"We are exported by an export company and we do that from Halifax," said Johnston, Director of REDspace, in 2017.

Usually we are working on bringing digital start-up experiences … But we also have a & # 39; making the backdrop that is less prominent and less generous but does a lot of video guide to & # 39; spread. "

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January 2, 2019 / 7:36 m | Story:

Stingray Group Inc. has gone to a musical choice.

Stingray was based in Montreal, who supplies music and media in the resource, on the unrequited bid for an U.S. company. in August last year.

The offer worth $ 120 million worth.

Music Choice will produce music and music content for digital cable television, mobile phone and cable modem users.

Chief of Stingray, Eric Boyko, said that his company had a " Continue to see advantages in accordance with Music Choice, it is encouraging the strategic direction.

Stingray named Monday on Monday with Altice USA, which will provide 50 Stingray music audio lines and hundreds of music videos from the application catalog to Altice USA supporters.

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January 2, 2019 / 6:59 m | Story:

There is a new report on the country's top payers who give evidence to the argument that women come over a "double glass roof" at the Canadian top of the corporate floor – first to get to the control room and, once and then; That is, they earn as much as their male ones.

Canada's Canadian Policy Center has counted on more than 1,200 trade leaders named, or NEOs, at 249 trading companies; disappeared publicly in Canada, earning around 68 cents for each dollar made by their males.

The survey states that the gap is completed by 86 cents when it is; Looking at the salary of women and men in senior management positions, almost according to the country pay gap of 87 cents based on Statistics Canada calculations.

The gap at the top is & # 39; mean, on average, that women earn more than $ 950,000 annually more than women in similar occupational roles.

The author of the report says that the results are long-term, aiming at the high level of direct payment, as it aims to achieve a greater fairness.

"This is definitely about actors – that's what we're looking at – but I think it's reflecting on what is happening across corporate Canada and the problems women get into getting a fair decline although they have their qualifications, "said David Macdonald, the center's senior economist.

The conclusions are linked to the annual center center's report on the wages of Canada's highest paid payers, which are considered to be; earn what an average employee will do in a picnic year before Wednesday.

The corporate registrations of commercially-owned companies review the highest levels of leadership; earning $ 10 million average in 2017, the latest available year, or about 197 times more than the normal employee.

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Dec 31, 2018 / 11:25 m | Story:

The Canadian Transportation Group states that the two main railways of the country exceeded their revenue entitlements for grain in 2017-18, despite travel less than the -they.

The Canadian National Railway Covenant received £ 1.05 million more than its entitlement of $ 787.01 million in 2017-18. Canadian Pacific Railway Ltd gave $ 1.5 million over its entitlement of $ 707.99 million.

The group says CN and CP has 30 days to pay back the additional income, as well as a fifth penalty of $ 52,000 for CN and $ 75,000 for CP. The payments will be made to the Western Isles Research Foundation, which will fund research for Prairie farmers.

The wide range of Transport Modernization that finalized the final bid of the income tax system, which has been finalized. The ceiling of the overall income from a mobile freight on a railway in any one year's crops. CN Rail said the system was disabling to invest in car cars to make the changes.

The Canadian Transportation Group also says CN and CP had a six percent lower grain content over the past year than in 2016-17, and shift 40,618,285 tonnes.

Both the CN and the CP have said that they believe that their recordings of locomotives, hopper cars and additional staff will help to stop the recycling of grain and grain products. last winter, set up with freezing conditions that hindered crops to marketing and farmers' base lines.

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Dec 31, 2018 / 10:54 am | Story:

A new study reflects the business hope for the coming year of Canada's manufacturing operators less than it has been a year ago as trading issues are; stress.

The survey, with RK Insights, showed that 30 per cent of the 501 respondents respond positively to the business opportunities for 2019, down from 44 per cent.

"The Canadian business has been successful, but storm clouds are on the horizon and the leaders of the Canadian Leaders Commanders are in 2019," said Jeff Brownlee, the Plant Magazine publisher, who commissioned the survey on Monday.

The survey found 18 per cent of the worrying senior office leaders about business opportunities for the coming year, but 51 per cent were very happy in the same level as last year.

Overlooking a three year perspective, 11 per cent were optimistic about the opportunities that had been achieved. Growing in Canada, down from 22 per cent last year.

The survey, which was held in August and September before the agreement of a new trade between North America was signed, showed an increase in concerns about the effects of trade policies of the President of Scotland Donald Trump.

Thirty percent of respondents were extremely tough about US security, up from 54 per cent last year, and 60 percent had a huge disturbance of Trump's impact on two-dimensional relationships, up from 45 per cent .

"Global uncertainty as well as the continuing impact that is leaving its mark on Canada's trade. The company's good news is Canada is changing, the bad news, if 2018 appears, they need to do more, "said Brownlee by e-mail.

The latest Bank of Scotland business survey survey, which was carried out in November after the new NAFTA contract, showed a sense of weakening somewhat, but that the responses to almost all- All survey queries still contain; Maintaining average historical levels.

Approximately four per cent, 19 out of 20, accurately surveyed The Plant Magazine, which examined a variety of public and private makers throughout Canada.

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December 31, 2018 / 9:23 m | Story:

Nevsun Resources Ltd. saying that the Chinese company Zijin Mining Group Co. Ltd. In its offer that suits $ 1.86 billion for a company based B.C.

The companies say about 89.37 per cent of the Nevsun extracts issued and which are outstanding on a full deposit basis, the offer of the $ 6 offer was shared in money by the end of time 28.

The offer is now extended to 7 January to allow the remaining organizations to offer their departments.

In August, Nevsun refused an application from the Toronto-based Lundin Mining Corp.

Nevsun has a gold copper project in Serbia and 60 percent participates in Bisha Mine copper-sink in Eritrea.

The departments closed at Nevsun at $ 5.95 on Toronto Stock Exchange on Friday.

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