Combining Songing Gading Marten hailed by Kala Wijaya Saputra Gabhail Ri Gisella Anastasia


BANJARMASINPOST.CO.ID Referring to the shocking story of Gisella Anastasia and Wijaya Saputra, Gisel's husband, Gading Marten, was caught singing a "upset" song while crying.

As is known, the wife of Gading Marten's wife Gisella Anastasia was caught together by Wijaya Saputra. At shopping centers in Singapore, the Soekarno Hatta airport, up to shopping centers in Jakarta and distributed on many Instagram accounts.

The recently-launched public scene, which has begun to be opened by Wijaya Saputra, is not just Gisella Anastasia. The name Gading Marten was also celebrated as old party; from Gisel's statue.

Was there a rumor that he was near Sophia Latjuba, and Gading Marten had only a friend to Ariel Noah as a friend. T

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The latest news from Gading Marten was when Gempita's father was caught on camera to sing the song & # 39; Pergilah Kasih from Chrisye.

Gading Marten gives an account of tears when singing with her friends. T

This was recorded in the video sent by his friend, Tanta Ginting up on Wednesday (3/21/2019).

In the legendary Insta Story, Gading sings at a cafe.

In that time Ivory was recorded singing an old song from the well-known Chrisye singer, Going for Love.

Gading Marten, Gisella Anastasia, and Gempita.
Gading Marten, Gisella Anastasia, and Gempita. (Collage @gisel_la)

When the song comes into the stream, it seems that Ivory is destroying tears and turning his back.

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