Combois played with Canada's shoulder beam at WJC


VANCOUVER – Maxime Comtois (Canada) skipper at the Junior Junior II II II 2019 Championship, said on his 11-day competition with a defensive shoulder, said the Ducks Saturday.

There were six points (five goals, one help), 14 Comtois decision-makers, selected in the second round (Number 50) of the NHL Draft 2017, and they were. allowing five games in Canada. The team carried out four of its five goals at Canada-up in a 14-0 against Denmark in the opening game of its December 26 competition.

The 19-year-old lost a penalty shot 1:14 into a 2-1 loss to Finland prematurely in the fourth quarter of the Rogers Center on January 2. Finland won the goal of the game 4:03 afterwards, and Comtois became the social media credit target.

The defeat of Canada allowed to play for a WJC base for the second time in 21 years and its first time in 13 as the host country.

It is expected that comtois will be tied together for two weeks. He had seven points (two goals, five support) in 10 Ducks games this season, with one goal in four games for the San Diego League of American Hockey League.

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