"Come again" … BTS, his first Grammy award in the Korean


The most prestigious music award in America,

The Gangbang Boy Soldiers arrived at the Grammy Awards.

This is the first time a singer from her & # 39; Germany has been a prize winner.

Park Soo – yu recites.

[리포트][RM / 방탄소년단]
"Grammy Winner … congratulations, H.E.R!"

The Bulletproof Boys is the singer / songwriter (H.E.R.) as the winner of the 61th Grammy R & B album winner.

I get a prize to the stage with emotional emotion.

The Grammy Awards, renowned for being the keepers, is the first singer of the Oran who has won the band.

Billboard Music Awards, and American Music Awards.

[RM/ 방탄소년단]
"I have a dream about Grammy-level graduation with music in Korea. Thank you fans for making my dream right. I'll be back."

I also expect the new album to be published.

[RM/ 방탄소년단]
"(New Register) Coming soon, and possibly collaborating with other artists, I still do not know."

Bulletproof Boys album jacket designation was named for the Best Registration Pack but it could not win.

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