"Come down under the plinth. Psushka is crying for him": the Russian media has expressed a concern in the Pugacheva family


Several Russian media published a very tough story that happened in the Alla Pugacheva family. As it came out, due to misbehaving behavior and associated lifestyle, Alla Borisovna had to have the same son, his son, the brother of Yevgeny, who had died, was completely abolished , describing respondua.net.

As happened, after his brother's death, Alla Pugacheva took hold of his son Vlad. They paid for him, and spent 10 million rubles, and later gave them a house. However, he could never leave his own bad habits in the past, related to Alla Borisovna's making a difficult decision for herself, and he refused to communicate with his nephew. Tell the storytelling story for StarHit journalists who were a partner and their mother-in-law Vlad Pugachev.

"He always mentions me and is still doing it, he wants money, because he can drink everything. Below beneath the bottom of the board. The house is crying at it. He was a holy woman in Pugacheva, who did so much, but his patience is already. He does not even want to hear about Vlad. But he only had behavior as Most often, and he would get everything he wanted. Her brother promised her on his death bed that she would look after the "child", but it seems that There is no strength to maintain his faithfulness, "said Elena Fadeeva, Vlad's mousress. After that, Victoria Fadeeva, Vlada, who was the spouse, said that her last meeting was outrageously. "I would not hide: his wife went out to call. At the end, they agreed to look for a trip. Find me a decorated man in There is a lot of scenes. I almost recognize Vlad in it. The peel between the top of the top is very dry and sewing, almost walking. The smell is awful. In the flatlam room! Almost all the equipment is lost. It may be sold … I realized that I did the right thing, and divide it. Whatever level you give, you will destroy it -will anything, "she said, saying Vlad has no interest in the production of her seven-year-old son.

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