Come to FCSB! Four players to win the title last


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Gigi Becali preparing the campaign to take winter action carefully, aware that the team needs to reinforce it to win the title. The red blues will make four moves for each section: a defender, two mid-players and one striker will come under Dica's order.

The proprietor has confirmed his current coach to the end of the season, whatever happens. But he is aware that Dica relies on the weak ties in the struggle for the title, so he is willing to invest in order to create a significant asset from his / her. batch.

Even though the FCSB is living in a CFR network, the team's reception is hosted; Many times have been asked many times, so confirmation is absolutely necessary.

FCSB moves: Rusescu, disappointed! An invasion is sure

The good news for the FCSB is that Gnohere was able to go away, even though this was a special opportunity for the French. Last year, 30 years ago, the Hexagon player has been a gunner in League One last year, and Becali's fortune was hit by his Dinamo player with some financial effort.

But, as the changes to Rotariu and Andrei Ivan have fallen, Becali does not seem to "Bizon", at least until the summer. The FCB received the red card received by the FCSB with Dinamo to the supporter, who realized, even if Gnohere did not leave, he needed a roof, and Rusescu was disappointing.

"We will definitely be a director, we need it. If Gnohere gets red, we're not a stripper. It's not a caviar in Rusescu, perhaps pike claws. It does not help us"Becali said Monday.

Fortes is a shortlisted Becali list, which can be a great option for the upgrade to its finalization.

oleru darius
Darius Olaru wants FCSB

FCSB to move. Who is Nedelcu?

Pintilles are still rough, and red red officers do not understand how much they can help the team, because they do not. done for 35 years.

Nedelcu has been running on a regular basis, but there is no other mid player in the & # 39; batch to meet the demands of technical staff. So, midfielder and invaders will be sought. The latter is already marked: Meme, Darius Olaru, is the best of Gaz Metan. In addition, Becali has made a real-time public offer, and brings up to 500,000 euros.

FCSB to move. Strengthening and protecting

Gigi Becali wants a central defender during a winter mercato. Iulian Cristea, principal defenseist Gaz Metan, is the appropriate candidate.

"I'm going to give it a & # 39; win youth, League 1 this winter"said Becali, at Digi Sport Special, at the end of the Iasi game – FCSB 1-2.

In recent years, the post-champion supporter has been on our use to move football players from a team that affects his / her. home war. That's what he met with Astra and Viitorul, the two of the previous ones.

Now, politics are held, just Gigi's Gaz Gaz's team. Finally, Becali spoke about an interest in Fortes and Olaru. For the last ones, he even made a public offer worth half a million euros.

€ 500,000 should be paid for the Becali defender and Central Iulian Cirstea. At the age of 24, he caught the team of the tour, in the LPF's vision.

"FCSB Team by attacking its & # 39; a member. I think any player would like to go to the FCSB because it is one of the leading teams in Romania. Nobody in Bucharest did not contact me"said Proton defender Gaz Metan.

Another difference that Becali is thinking about is Pascanu, a Leicester defender. He will grow to the second team of "foxes" and he will not expand his / her; contract payable in the winter to have the chance to continue to improve the team of a league team. Internet 21 is not easy to provide, with many teams being reduced. The fact is that the red blues will not be open, with solutions for immense purchase. In the autumn, Dica had to play in some games with Morais and Philip in the middle of the lowest line, when Planic, Balaşa and Momcilovic were not available.

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