Come to moon A & # 39; CONSPIRACY worries: Russia trying to get NASA up to its & # 39; moon Science News


Over 50 years ago, SA achieved one of the best practices in human history when NASA introduced people to their horizons in 1969. But the messengers are in the middle of the world. Today's enforcement says that the Americans tried to do it; whole moon to prove that he is a leader of the USSR at the height of the Cold War. Russia appears to have not fully proven on US submissions, and when it puts people and robots to their moonlight.

The nation's spatial group, Roscosmos, has previously stated that it will start to & # 39; build a bottom foundation in 2025 with people living there from 2030 or 2031.

While he was there, Roscosmos's head, Dmitry Rogozin, said they would investigate American bids.

After being questioned in NASA ashore, Mr Rogozin said: "We have tried to travel and confirm whether they have existed or are not . "

Although it may have been a mental language; in the reply of Mr. Rogozin, Russia is not the first time that Russia has been worried about NASA claims.

In the 2015 article published in the Russian Izvestia newspaper, a spokesman for the Russian Research Committee, Vladimir Markin, asked for international confirmation of the distribution of film-produced lunar moonlight.

He said: "We do not know they did not travel to the movie, and made a movie about it.

"But all science – or perhaps cultural things are part of a humanitarian legacy, and our losses are to leave us without a trace.

"Investigate what has happened."

But NASA has recently said that he will return to the moon, and there will be no doubt about how sure & # 39; it is.

The space party made the amazing news in a great video and it seems that it is a solution to the Spain-1 Spain Policy Trump, which added to NASA's orders to expand its research efforts last year .

One of the key objectives in the document is to return people to the surface of the Moon, and there is another in the & # 39; guide the case to build a station on the Moon so that people can use it as a hole to Mars.

The plan also adds more confidence to instruments into the Moon; Investigate how people can get to Mars and another world.

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