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The evening is near to the north east and the water will continue after night.

(Central News Agency, Taipei, 18th) The Medium Metallurgical Administration expects to increase in different areas from the second half of the day, with the face of its & ending, especially after night, closer to the north and north-east, there will be more visible water, half the middle and the east. The water will have a bigger chance again.

The weather bureau said the weather in the day is better than yesterday. There are still waters in the north and eastern end, but the weather is quite scary; In the middle and southern mountains, there are clouds and sometimes water, and the flat is scary. Sunny.

Regarding temperature, the Meteorological Bureau commented that the temperature in the north and north-east temperatures grew slightly smaller, Hanging the water during the day, the high temperature came back to about 27km Celsius; the east and south east remained 27km; South and South lived 29, 30 degrees, early in the morning. The temperature is still low between 19 and 22 degrees. Look at the change between day and night temperatures.

In addition, the tephoon platycodon light 27 was around 1650 hours from the southwest end of the Taiwanese geese at about 2pm today. Follow the west route to the Indo-China peninsula and did not have a direct impact on the weather in Taiwan.

According to the air quality strategy information of the Government's Environment Protection Department, the foreground is near, and there is a little rainfall in the north and east. The northern, bamboo, Yilan, Huadong areas and Wuhu are "good" Mazu and Kinmen are "normal" levels.

The empty range south of Yunjia South is located in the stream, and the poor areas are loose. The "orange memorial" is a "level" level, and the local area of ​​the high-rise area can reach "red warning" in a short time. (Editor: Liang Junyi) 1071118

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