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Steel Cage Match: Drew MacIntyre vs. Dolph Ziggler: This is a pin, petition or escape. Ziggler is attacking escaping, but Drew is going to go to her. stop and continue with chops and suplex. Ziggler is trying to get a fire back, but he eats more chops. Drew talks on the shores but Ziggler's counted by DDT. They trade trafficking, and Drew goes to her; followed by a headache. He is trying to escape. Ziggler is a trying to stop it. They strike trafficking, Ziggler will be a Drew slams into the casts again once again but Ziggler is falling down and then Drew goes to her; declining. Post-breaking, and Drew wants Ziggler to return his fight, so he will play and play fameasser for 2. Drew a & # 39; the decision of a decision, but he will getting pored for 2. He's sending Drew into the cage several times, and # 39; affecting and gaining 2. Ziggler looks at & # 39; going out the door, but Drew is a cut and a & # 39; hitting a head bump. Ziggler is again looking to & # 39; goes out the door, but Drew stops it for Ziggler to put the door in front of him. Ziggler visits the fameasser for 2. Post-breaking, and Ziggler is trying to escape, but Drew goes to her; stop there and drag forward. Drew fires up, asking Ziggler to rise and her; fight. Drew lawn throws her into the cage and then takes it to the cake again. Drew is holding her / her; talk chit, but Ziggler is spinning zigzag and that's a # 39; get 2. Claymore by Drew! Drew will look back and her; hitting another man for winning. Drew MacIntyre influenced Dolph Ziggler @ 19:30 p.m.

– Dolph's email is surrendered, and so Drew will go to her. make him a pony and chairs his face and spoils him with another sword. Drew is confident to become King of the Raw Jungle. There is nothing, beautiful, and a deadly weight that does not deserve its trees.

– A spindle is in and H Triple and Shane are in a hurry; there.

Seth Rollins Talks: Rollins will come and go. play to the crowd. It is not big on ambitions, but he does not want to live and says he has a reorder with Dean Ambrose and he wants to do tonight. Triple H arrives. The Hs says it's been in the moment, and says it's always a new starting point, and there are no window exchange agreements. The Hs do not even know that he is deserving, but he always supports Rollins. He says that Rollins did believe, he gave him a belief that he was the man because Rollins gave everything he wanted. Rollins was even hitting her and her. He bounces his ass at Mania and gave him a dream again. Where is that person? Because everything looks like the shells of that one. Rollins says that he has carried his behavior long and gone; Lesnar was away and away. Everything he did had made good games with everyone, even Mojo Rawley. Rollins wants to win, so Triple H wants to bring it back again, and Triple H says, yes, he's burning down tonight, and begins with Lashley tonight . Rollins says well, he does it and gives anyone out of the way, even Lesnar. If Triple H gets his way, he will descend MacMahon's family. Shane arrives, her & # 39; trying to make calm things, and says Rollins needs to be ready for his game. Shane's royal battalion books, and Ambrose's presenter will show tonight.
Battle Royal: Winner will receive WWE Interactive Competition Match : Finn Balor, Zack Ryder, Titus O Neil, Curt Hawkins, Caller, Lince Dorado, Gran Metalik, Mojo Rawley, Konnor, Viktor, Bo Dallas, Curtis Axel, No Way Jose, and Baron Corbin's partners. We'll get a & # 39; great prey to start. The team crashes Jose and then Viktor. Team runs wild, and it's a # 39; Breaking into more challenge. The myth of Titus. Post-breaking, and Balor is throwing Metalik, Calistist, and then Dorado. Corbin attacks Balor, but works himself. There are teams now on Team B and then Konnor and Mojo. Then, it will throw its & # 39; gray but Corbin is cut off. Balor is going on John Woooooooo on Corbin and he's going to do it. attacking others to attack Corbin and kill him. Then he throws Ryder. Down to Hawkins, Corbin, & Crews. Hawkins has a fight, a & # 39; Try to eliminate Corbin, but Corbin has thrown it. Accountants' accountants have a Corbin impact to win. Apollo Team @ 11:35

– Interview Dasha Natalya. Natalya was quenched to Rousey last week. Natalya says she's not sure what 2019 will continue, and 2018 was a rider route. She's coming to Rumble. Nia Jax comes and she met Tamina Natalya. An amazing turn of events.

– Corbin complains that he should win the royal battle and deserve a very new start. He is worthy of an award, and Elijah appears. Elias says a party is about to start, but it does not Invite dealers, so Corbin must go. Elias runs corbin as GM, but Elias spoke to Kid Rock and got Raw to come to Detroit. Then, Elias sang an anti-Corbin song. They stop to & # 39; try the way in, and then to the crowd. Controlling and managing running a box of production in Corbin. Corbin will run away.

Bayley, Ember Moon, & Sasha Banks vs. The Riott Squad: Liv and Bayley to start, Live will control and tag in Logan. Bayley is doing a & # 39; Fees, Banks have a blind tag and she works across Logan. Logan is cut off, but Banks have a fire with knee strips and Bayley tags and cover for 2. Moon and Ruby's inwards, they work in countertops and pin turns, Liv inboxes and cuts Moon and covers for 2. The Sgud works a series of fast tickets; Union of moon and breaks completely. Post-breaking, and Bayley has rubbed arms on Ruby. There are Liv tags, running into arms arms, and banker tags in and the faces work across Liv and its; Moon then covers cover for 2. Banks and Ruby says Liv from his corner corner and allows Liv to go to # 39; Cover for 2. Ruby Tigers in control, cover for 2. Logs tags when they are & # 39; bankruptcy of Banks team, and again to cover for 2. Logan is now a & # 39; strive to run a knee strike and again, cover for 2. Long-term bed & # 39; as they continue to & # 39; bankruptcy of Banks team and construction near easan. Ultimately Banks are cutting off with a knee strike, but Logan is inside and she's break it down and it will break down when Moon goes; proceed with self-kill. Bayley tags are there, a banner, a top rope loop and that's the case. Bayley, Ember Moon, and Sasha Banks affecting the Riott Squad @ 12:30 pounds

– We will get Braun Strowman's video clip.

Seth Rollins vs. Lashley: Lio is on the horizon. Rollins attacks at a drop with a dropkick corner and a & # 39; fight. The Lashley fire comes back and quickly empowers it. The corner is continuously, but Rollins will be in a position; fighting back with brackets and strikes. Lensley crashes to the floor and a & # 39; followed by iron. Lio is referring to Rollins, a & # 39; let Lashley take control and cover for 2. Rollins e & # 39; jawbreaker, but Lashley gives him a long time and a jump on him. Lio then RANA's RANA goes into the post.

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