Comedy Challenge 5 program 6 6 on 21/11/2018 full HD


Comedy challenge Season 5 episode 6 on 21/11/2018 full HD: Uncle Van Minh won 10 million

Series 5 season comedy protests 6 with a partnership of 6 competitors:. However, it was a bad night when it was to be done; Most of the candidates are left to win nothing.

Her first high school student, Cao Nguyen, is a beautiful young girl who is her son; Speaking fluently, has gone through two HariWon words. Unfortunately, holding a script throughout the third round, the person had to go white.

Thuy Ngoc – the second competitive stadium just after the first round of the challenge in a 5 episode comedy session 6.

Phan Hoang Dung – the third advocate also "turn south" after the second round.

Advocate Huu Hanh has recalled poor results to his "joke" on his own flag, not targeting it.

Thanh Tuyen – a fifth competitor was asked to "go back" when he did not; He can not smile.

Last final last season is also in the final competition – Uncle Van Minh. With honest way, this candidate has won 10 million awards from two judges.

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