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2018-12-06 01:30:51 Source: Science and Technology every day

The Halley Comet visited the ground once in 1986. NASA From December, Comet 46P has improved and progressively gradually. Photo by Wang Zhuoyu


In December, star designers are starving again. In addition to the Gemini games range, they also look forward to another "star" – the comet 46P.

Looking up on the sky of the night, the stars and her; moon, they all hit themselves and theirs; appear regularly in the range of people's vision. But comets are a special group. They are free from sunset and many plans, in close connection with Earth for decades or centuries. Each time they appear, they all will release light to; illuminating, and even larger, pulling long and long-tailed tails; move through the night sky.

It is a complete body in which; A dump that enters the solar system and the color and shape changes with changing the daily speed. It looks like a cloud like it. The comet is divided into three parts: the nose, the scorpion, and the tail. The quality and density of woodland is very small. When they are far from the sun, they are just like a "dirty snowball" made of frozen ice cubes such as water, ammonia, and meatan. It also includes a lot of hard brown bed. When you come close to & # 39; sun, shapes are broken into the tail and earbone under the radiation activity of the sun, such as a broom.

To better know the comet, a comet has its own name reinforced. A comet is named after the last name or number of the search engine. When nominated by name, a comet can only be named by three spectators, such as the "Sumek-Levy 9" comet in 1994.

If a name was named by number, by 1995, forests were named according to order of detection annually. Since 1995, the International Revolution Union has adopted a new alphabetical method in alphabetical order in half a month. The special method for removing the letters I and Z, and the remaining 24 letters, is to respond to 12 months of the year, and then use the numbers of numbers 1 , 2, 3, etc. to find the comet within half a month. At the same time, to identify the status of competence, the correspondent letters should be indicated later: P for a short-term comet; C for long-term comet; D for comet that is not now & # 39; return or disappeared; and A for an asteroid reaction; X shows that it is impossible to compose the orbit.

In the old days, because comets were too slow and shaped in the night's sky, old people would link some of the great things that happened, especially bad things, with woodland looks. The phrase "History of History" means "seven years, the comet is out, see the north, which see the west in May", a & # 39; in response to him that the throne was terminated at the end of the United States of War, after the Qin kingdom died. But the power of this comet is not limited to this. After a while, the comet appeared, and for half a month, he was hanged in the air, and his grandmother Xia Jixia, who was over the government, died again. There are more records of stories like this. Each comet contains a number of disasters in history. Because he pulled his long tail, like a spade, the old people went to the door; Believe that the nebula was unidentified, giving bad luck. But with the advancement of science, people understand that it is a complete, complete group around its; A Japanese move in a comet but, she has returned her trip, and has nothing to do with special events.

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