COMING ONLY – “unhappiness is becoming harder to take away” (Benfica)


Without mentioning FC Porto, Benfica threw herself against the north side team which shows indicators of "desperate hope" by using "old strategy" aimed at " an inclusive environment of enforcement, fear and threat ', to' state '. are the most diverse sports representatives, including enemies and, above all, rulers;

"The disagreement is getting harder to take away," he reads the club's newsletter, the light, where they make sure they continue to break down everywhere. -anterity of publicism and refusal of all lies aimed at locking Benfica's benefits.

This is Benfica's total message:

“This discomfort is getting more and more difficult to remove. Now, for want of better arguments, the point is reached to try to restore visibility in 1959 as a way of trying to make Benfica contribute to mediation benefits. We know what is going to be planned, but the warrant is guaranteed: every time they lie, they will be!

It is who who shows this hope is the only people who benefit, from an unusual set of mediation errors. And also the same people that, in the last 30 years, have done all the things the country knows. Truly, you must even have memory problems!

When we have entered the final stage of the competition the goal is clear: they want to return, urgently, to all rape, rest and just-cause threats to the sports clubs. diversify, including teams and, above, teams. mediation. It is a strategy.

The climate promoters have a number of needs: one to seek to distract from the adverse results of sport in recent years, but more from the difficult financial climate in which they are and themselves are. , even, having given uncompromising support to these men. UEFA. Despite millions spent by selling players for several seasons on the wire.

The only people who have been involved in cyberbullying online, in attacks on referendum training centers, and in the multi-threats to everything and everyone ( public and private individuals) to try to avoid the climate and fear of living. As if not enough, they are still going as far as to show pride in all this isolation.

There's only one way: public refuses! So please stay straight with the work of the authorities and monitor what is required.

At Benfica we have a sports and heritage project. Yesterday, today and in the future that will fill us with pride. We have a good financial situation. We live something that really reinforces in the most diverse areas and in major international affirmation, appearing on our governance at different levels for example as a need to follow.

We have an extensive and varied project, eclectic and also wide ranging within a socially responsible area. Training is a key strategic priority for each sporting project. In this sense, and as usual, we cannot take forward our focus in this final phase of the century.

We address all games with humor, ambition, confidence and determination, counting on the faithful support of millions of supporters we have shared across the world.

The flame is hard. The red wave grows every week, so make a great celebration. To treat each other against each other and the last day of the season. We're ready for the challenge! Come to the Reconquista! »

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