Comment on the vaccination debate: Arguments of the opponents are an absurd vaccination! – Cheers


It's someone that needs harmony – but one makes me angry and sometimes it fails: resistance vapors.
Parents who refuse vaccines to their children, put themselves and others at risk.

Have you ever seen a child dying from pain from polio? I wish that without anyone. As you no longer know this, there are very bad people who think that a vaccine is needed.

Or measles, only broken out in the US. Also, people die – like 35 in a year within Europe. This can be your own child, which is more difficult than I can think of as a young mother *. This can be a neighbor of the neighbor or even the old neighbor. Because there are people who uphold their right to physical integrity?

Arguments of the immunization challenges are absurd: There are only investigations that vaccines are dangerous. Looking closely, recognizing: The tests are grottenschlecht, they built the links.

The question that will quickly come up is the need for a vaccine. I don't think we really need them – but we need something else: sensible privacy!

* A mother of 17 months who was immunized against 12 diseases

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