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Monday, February 18, 2019 10:00 AM (GMT + 7)

(Chelsea – A football match, 2:30 pm on February 19, FA Cup a five-round Cup) Manchester United is a big part of the Scarf's Head before the big game starts but he has a great benefit: at Stamford Bridge.

This game will be reported live, try to watch it!

The biggest impact of MU in the & # 39; Premier League before Fulham

After a while flying with 10 winners / 11 matches, Ole Gunnar Solskjaer has a gradual and complex feeling; is the coach work. MUThe Post 0-2 was affected by a PSG in a & # 39; The first round of 1/8 European League shows a different face of the "Red Devils": weakness of money, misleading and weakness.

Football to Chelsea's criticism - MU: Flaming war, dangerous place & # 34; Red Devils & # 34; - 1

MU and Solskjaer were "ashore" after losing PSG in the European League

It is fair to say that Solskjaer and the students did not have a real rival but only Tottenham in the 11 games that had never been left. No 1 "failed" is very disastrous, but Solskjaer and students need to make a quick revival of their spirit if they do not want to fall in the "month-disaster" period of a month, time they need to face "mass" mass in each area. A march to & # 39; First game to Chelsea in a fifth visit of FA Cup.

The current situation of "The Blues" is even worse MUThe West 2-1 victory over Malmo in the Europa League was enough to release Chelsea's dark cloud right now. The loss, in particular the 0-6 homage loss against Man City caused "The Blues" to break out of the Premier League 4 and its # 39 ; show a risk in a mistake with the European League for the second year in a series.

As a result, Marizio Sarri's coach questioned in the future. As well as weak performance, the NHL Chelsea influences Italian protesters due to its conservative personality, and refusing to change the game although the "member of a Sarri member" was arrested.

Even the British media again appeared that Chelsea was able to save Sarri even though the 2018/19 season had not come to an end unless the accident ended.

Football to Chelsea's criticism - MU: Flaming war, dangerous place & # 34; Red Devils & # 34; - 2

Chelsea needs to influence the spirit of being revitalized after the "disaster" period.

There is no doubt that Chelsea is a big win before the 13th meeting with Manchester United in the FA Cup: the Stamford Bridge home. It once appeared "The Blues" a continuous winning in the & # 39; a 148-year-old competition, which includes final finals of the final season (1-0).

If you are counting in each area, the 2018 FA Cup winner only has 2/22 matches as a guest (drag 7, miss 13), including the last 9 matches without continuous benefits.

There is an urgent disturbance for Manchester United and Chelsea to be confident for its & # 39; rest of the season. But if they fail, they will drown themselves in "black mud".

Score: Chelsea 0-1 MU

Online line:

Chelsea: Kepa; Azpilicueta, Rudiger, Luiz, Emerson; Kante, Jorginho, Barkley; Willian, Higuain, Hazard

MU: Romero; Young, Jones, Small, Shaw; Herrera, Matic, Pogba; Mata; Lukaku, Rashford

Human Resources Situation:

Chelsea: Ruben Loftus-Cheek, Marcos Alonso's ability to play is open.

MU: Le Lingard and Martial, Valencia, Darmian (wounded), play the ability of Rojo, Sanchez left open.


This is the 14th meeting between Chelsea and Manchester United in the FA Cup. "The Blues" won the last 4 games, which included final final final results (1-0).

Chelsea lost 3/5 matches in the FA Cup at the Stadium Bridge. The 2 remaining effects came in the 1997/98 season (5-3) and 1998/99 (2-0).

If the song wins tonight, Chelsea will be the first team to influence five consecutive matches in the FA Cup.

Much 2/22 matches won as Stamford Bridge guests in each area (draw 7, miss 13), including the last 9 matches to not win.

Much has influenced many of the largest Cup cups in history (10 times). The "passive" is closest to Man City (2011/12 season).

The team is closest to both Arsenal and Chelsea in the FA Cup season (1998/99 season). However, this team made a range of two powerful representatives of London Millwall (1994/95).

If they win, the fourth looks at Chelsea in the FA Cup final installments, which will include the last two finals until the final arrives.

At the same time, MU is aiming on its 5th continuous journey to reach its & # 39; fourth quarter. The last time this was the time 1962 – 1966.

Chelsea and Liverpool, Mu - Tha

A "unwanted" black card "can be used when it comes to Chelsea and Liverpool.

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