Commission III aims to increase the Chief Executive of Andika Army for TNN-Polri Synergy


Jakarta, CNN Indonesia – A member of the III Ahmad Sahroni Commission is hoping Chief of the new Army Staff (KSAD), General Andika Perkasa able to improve collaboration TNI which has so far been well established by law enforcement, in particular the National Police.

"As a member of Commission III, I hope to cooperate with law enforcement agencies, especially the National Police or other organizations such as KPK," said Sahroni through a statement of Thursday (11/22).

Sahroni added, one of the most important types of TNI-Polri collaboration in the future to consolidate the elections in 2019. It hopes that the Army can be managed Andika le a & # 39; National Police to defend a five-year democratic party agenda.

In addition to the 2019 Election, the NasDem politicians also hoped the development of a better human resource in Indian Armed Forces, thus there would be no greater conflict with the National Nation Police. As a result, he saw a decision between the Army and the Police in a number of departments over time.

"I hope that this situation will be better under the direction of General Andika. The Army will no longer have an attack on the National Police or other crimes," said Sahroni.

At the same time, the Commissioner, who was a member of me, Charles Honoris evaluated how Andrew appointed as Army Chief of Staff without waiting for General Mulyono to cease to be The right thing in time and movement. This is why the army has enough time under the new leadership to reinforce the fulfillment of security duties in the elections at the same time in April 2019.

With an age that is still far from retiring, Charles added, Andika has a long time to be able to implement policies to maintain the TNI reform agenda .

According to members of the PDP-P, so far, the Army Chief Executive is held only 1 to 2 years so that the opportunity to deliver work with a long-term limited impact.

"So instead of considering all kinds of things, it is best for us to wait and co-operate with the work of the Army of Indonesia under the direction of General Andika," he said.

Andika Prakasa was officially submitted by President Joko Widodo as a new Army Army Chief Executive at the State Palace, in accordance with Presidential Statute No. 97 / TNI in 2018. The Andika replaced his TNI Mulyono Reserve in 2019.

Prior to serving as Army Armed Forces, Andika replaced the Army's Strategic Silver Financial Assistance Command from July 23, 2018. He was previously responsible for becoming a Chief Executive of the Security & # 39; President, two days after Jokowi was sent as the 7th President of the Republic of Indonesia.

Graduated from the Military Academy in 1987, he also had a cross on Kopassus, an elite unit belonging to the Army. In addition, Andika was appointed Chief Executive of the XII / Tanjungpura Military Military Regional (Pangdam) Order in 2016. (banner)

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