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A new, orderly and clean environment is important for having a good feeling

Ieva Bondare, a painter, a mother of three, says careful planning needs to be a common rhythm search. "To be a good feeling, I have a significant move, and since I do not have to sit for a long time, most of the day is going to walk in a steady step – It is important for me to avoid surveillance and not delay working ".

She says that a new, orderly and clean environment is important for having a good feeling.

"Put in a beautiful tablet, use napkins, a game with the seasons and holidays – in a beautiful environment, I feel very good, and I believe my family will have a heritage and family practices.

As an artist I appreciate colors and equipment, and it costs me, so it needs details and changes for a more beautiful environment – a new wedding or a dish, new flowers or a plant. "Ewen tells us that there is only a change of napkin or sleep in the kitchen, and the house gets a fresh look at the environmental change." It was a pleasure to change my baby from my baby, so at At that time, it was possible to have a special event for changing the sofa or changing its pillow. "The books are also an essential part of the teaching of Ieva. The artist is ; emphasizing that it is inspired by the surrounding environment, style and beauty, and other important sources of energy and the stimulation of surrounding events and good people.

PHOTO: Instagram / Eve Bondare

The feeling that his secret sense is & # 39; convergence between work and family

The best-known collector of Cloudberry, Linda Kze, tells her that her daily life is very lively, especially at the end of last year , so she is not familiar with her & # 39; as a concept. "I am trying to find a fuel between work and family, because I am very passionate and sometimes I can take part in work, in fact, family time is Suffering. I have long been aware that the word "not time" is wrong and it's about our priorities. "

Linda stresses that she has a good awareness of her & her; connecting to fireplace fireplace, beautiful tune, beautiful candles, clean environment, self-sufficiency dining, curly cut, new seasonal flowers and, indeed, the whole family at home.

There are healthy habits that include weekly classes and yoga classes a week, writing daily stimulating magazines, reflection, listening to your sense and, indeed, a & # 39; fill in your own photographer. "The end of the year was very tight and I did not have much time spent on self-catering and fitness activity, and I'm very happy with it, but I have now come back again in a daily way and Spending time on physical and mental activities each week, "a & # 39; adds Linda. Having to look after the family will Start with everyday information – for a pancake morning or for a beautiful coffe, to take a car, for shared family events and events that enjoy the family.

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