Companies draw their feet on a statement of pay gap


A photograph showing man and woman and the differences between their salaries

British companies are pulling their feet on a statement of pay gap.

With just one week to a date, nearly two-thirds of companies are not yet the average difference between what they pay for men and women at the hour.

Overall, more than 10,000 large UK firms are expected to report, but just under 4,000 had done so before Wednesday morning.

Based on the figures to date, three of the four UK companies have a pay gap.

Sam Smethers, chief executive of the Fawcett Society, who campaign for equality, said: "Most employers leave it to the last minute to report it and it's a shame that there are pay gaps t more of those who report.

“We will have to make the law tighter by calling for action plans to address all the causes of the pay gap, increasing the number of women at the top, increasing access to flexible work and t more females to male controlled areas.

“But in some cases gaps will be caused, at least partly as a result of unlawful discrimination. As employers review their payment data, they must deal with any unfair payments received. ”

Rebecca Hilsenrath, chief executive of the Equality and Human Rights Commission, said: "There are no options for gender pay gaps, it is the law. T

"Last year, we saw a large number of companies submitting their data in the week before the deadline and for the current exhibition this year is the same. "

This is the second year that companies have to report. Every British company with 250 or more staff will have to pay their pay gaps by 4 April for the private sector, or 30 March for the public sector.

Do you want to know about the gap between the gender pay gap where you work? Try the number below.

Every British company with 250 or more staff has to say the gaps about their gender pay. Last year 78% announced that they paid more than men than they paid to women.

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The average pay rate for companies reported to date is 9.1%, down slightly on last year's figure of 9.7%. This is based on the difference between hourly wages and females.

The gap between gender pay is not uneven employment. He does not tell us whether women are getting less than men for the same job, who have been opposed to the law since the Equal Pay Act was introduced in 1970.

However, the pay gap gives us an indication of the differences in the patterns of work of men and women: different roles, part-time occupations, usually female, and shortage of senior women.

EasyJet has reported that there is a 47.9% difference in their pay for men and men, the widest income gap for companies with at least 5,000 staff. Last year it stood at 45.5%. Like other airlines, it is down to the problem that most of the pilots are male.

However, he said that he had made "good progress" in recruiting more female pilots in an attempt to improve gender balance.

"EasyJet now has 222 female pilots from 128 – an increase of 73% from 2015," he said. "The airline plans to 18% of new women to try their pilots this year and is well on track to meet the 20% target by 2020."

Some of Banks' biggest pay gaps are.

Five of the top 10 big firms have banks' most extensive gaps: Barclays Savings Bank, Lloyds Bank, Clydesdale, RBS and Lloyds Banking Group, which fill pay gaps of over 30%. This means that, for every £ 10 of an average person working there, the average employee takes less than £ 7.

Barclays investment bank has reported a 44.1% pay gap, which is slightly higher than the previous year's pay gap, 43.5%.

Barclays recognized that there was a “mismatch of historic character” at the highest level, but it had a target to increase the percentage of female leaders and management managers to 28% by the end of 2021.

In total, 42% of firms have reported a larger pay gap this year than they were last year.

Women pay more than women, but the highest pay gap in any region is met by insurance and insurance companies, paying a further 23.3% for women's women t .

Mining, construction and education companies also report high pay gaps.

Understand its terminology

Medium pay gap

The intermediate pay gap is the difference between the pay between the middle-aged and the middle-class.

If you enter the men and women working in a company in two different lines in a salary order, the intermediate gap is the difference between the salary between the female in the middle line t and the man in the middle of his body.

Medium pay gap

The average pay gap is the difference between a company's total salary expenditure for each woman and its overall cost for each person.

The number is measured by accepting the total pay bill for each individual and dividing it by the number of men and women employed by the organization.

Pay gap v equal pay

The gap between gender pay is not uneven employment.

Unemployed pay takes smaller women than men for the same job. That has been against the law since the introduction of the Equal Pay Act in 1970.

A second span of company pays can be caused by other things – for example, fewer women in higher or paid jobs or more women in part-time jobs.

This article is based on the difference in pay between men and women each time but there are other ways of measuring the pay gap: National Statistics Office distributes figures t annual here.

How does the BBC calculator work?

The individual company data shows the information companies have entered into the Government Equalities Office as on 27 March.

The data submitted each year is based on figures drawn from a specific date – called the 'date date' – the previous year. For businesses and charities, the deadline is 5 April and the 31 March is the date for public sector organizations.

Pay gap figures by gender in this article reflect the average pay gaps per employee per hour.

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