Companion Share Parade Ladies named BP Team Saab Thanathorn To Love Father's Team With the Father of Blue Up Another Trend!


Share Parade Advocates Ladies Name Saab Thanathorn BP Team To Love Another Moving Team!

Being a world-wide move online for a new future party Those people will have a tweet, a & # 39; flock to hash, true love, father, who means that he is a big boy; in Thanathorn, a good image and a young woman, known as his father, and the place itself the sky

Read Open Source The hot amazement by #Fah Rak Dad and #Dad love with the air.

Eventually, it was discovered that the BNP's brand new campaigns were under the new Future Party party in Khon Kaen, with the title "Is this party beautiful for everyone? Very beautiful. Choose a cross ten times Very pleasing to the air. Father "This is Alongkorn Silpa-Dom Bam, who has the most beautiful image. The girls turned over again.

After finding out, after the love of Father Pha Rak Fah was written on the tweeting, Thanathorn also said: "Many people are asking me if this area is what, 39; need to be done? I would like to confirm that the new party in the future contributes 350 candidates to the whole country. The problem is not that each area is the same So remember the logo and the name of its party "Triantal New Party I can explore each area in any place in Thailand Gave Thanathorn as prime minister," find #hashtag #hadkha in the early Number 1.

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