COMPANY KNM INGSTAD , The RØLDAL – This happened tonight


These are the most important news from night to Monday 18 February.

Two died in a helicopter crash

Two died in a helicopter crash at Røldalsfjellet in Hordaland. A major research activity was set up for the man and her female aboard night to Sunday. The two HRS Southern Norway, the Red Cross, Norwegian rescue dogs and the police were in the investigation. The type of helicopter was Robinson 44. He was on his way to Karmøy at 15.20.

Australia was stolen before election

First Minister Morrison added on Monday that "the most important political actor of the country and his parliament made an impressive" actuary of state "before the elections.

Although official statements have not been reported to specific countries, China has often been referred to in the media account of the data attacks.

Legal steps about Helge Ingstad

Navantia, built by KNM Helge Ingstad, has protected material that it may be appropriate to "use legal or legal claims" against its company.

Navantia has requested a meeting with scheduled Protected Materials in the future.

Many visit the churches

Over 500,000 people visited the top 28 highland churches in Norway last year, an increase of 18 per cent from 2016. Gol stavkirke, Garmo stavkirke and Haltdalen stavkirke received 300,000 visitors.

Sustainable churches are some of the oldest construction works in Norway.

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