Company: We did not pay Greta Thunberg – News –


"We have delayed telling the family of the Thunberg that Greta should be mentioned in our financial outlook aimed at raising money. A preliminary look must account for his & # 39 , business in a fair way, but we are very sorry to tell us about "I've talked to the family and have accepted our real talk for our mistake," he said as chief of the Ingmar Rentzhog company in a press release.

We do not have time to report ourselves as a company that wants to contribute to the crisis of the earth's crisis. From October 2018 to January 2019, the climate cluster operator Greta Thunberg was one of a number of youth councilors in the company's base.

On Saturday, Svenska Dagbladet came forward with information that the name of Thunberg was widely used in relation to a new case made by its company. He pulled nearly 10 million USD in SEK. Greta Thunberg's father refused to know that the name of the girl was used.

Greta Thunberg has now retired as a consultant as she wants to be completely independent of agencies, according to Rentzhog.

On social media, the activist of the climate has been attributed to a number of organizations paid, but we have no time to reconfigure the data.

"Greta had not been involved in the constitution but we also want to clarify that we have not paid any taxes to the family of Thunberg or that we do not, or not; We got money from them, "Chief Executive Ingmar Rentzhog said.

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