Complaints with his son's friend, 59 years old; laments his head and dies


Tragedy at Piazza Carnevale
Tragedy at Piazza Carnevale

Pistoia, February 10, 2019 – A 59 year old died last night after falling at the end of a quest with a 22-year-old friend, according to what was taken by the police. The victim was explained, along with a fragment on the back of the young man: he finished up on the ground and put his head brutally. Non-essential help has been provided by healthcare staff 118.

Who was arrested on the death of the 22-year-old man. Everything happened shortly after 10pm near Piazza Carnevale, on the eastern edge of Pistoia. Also, according to what the police explained, between the 59-year-olds and the young man, there would be a heat debate on the street, with anxiety and crimes. Although the victim was returning home, it was hitting with a strong blow that would be demolished, hitting his head violently. On the site, as well as health, they translated to the police officers of the driving wheels and the mobile team and the crown.

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