Complete Samsung Galaxy S10 before launching it 20 in February!


Complete Samsung Galaxy S10 before launching it 20 in February!

Samsung Galaxy S 10 – Before Samsung launched a new textphone on February 20, in fact, it was in accordance with the rules that had to be discharged. Come on ahead.

And, indeed, the new Samsung's mobile phone to be launched The name of the Galaxy S10 is believed to have been a huge change. Since Samsung Galaxy's smartphone was identified, 10 years ago, it is believed that Samsung Galaxy model will have a big change.

The news that says that the S10s will have the three versions, including the S10, E, S10 and S 10 Plus, which are larger than one screen, apart from 5.8 inch to 6.1 inches and an inch 6.3 inches

According to the image that emerged, it looks like it's strange 3 cameras behind the machine Transparently flat With a film attached This 3 camera is the 2 key models, that is, S10 and S 10 Plus. With regard to the S10, Eina has only 2 units.

What is this that is seen Is there a great change in style As we are in the past, we will see the camera directly connected, such as Samsung A 9 with 4 cameras, in a long line down.

And he asked where the fingerprint was scanned It will not exist Like the new iPhone Only used for face scan

The answer is still the same. But the button is to the side of the machine "Power" Do not put off The device itself

In fact, to scan a & # 39; You can use other markets of smartphones that you have been trying to play already and have seen that It is suitable for finger screw Sometimes a more comfortable than scanning at the front of the machine

Overall, it is considered to be different. Including a & # 39; The device's face looks like a screenshot It's just a slot for its face camera.

Say you do not want to say so much. Heavy clothes Wait to see each other on 20 February. This event is not really inspired. I can wait and see

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