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The Belgian was stolen, dropped and stolen by a three-day organized organization in Medellin.

Ruben Vanhees gave an account of the fact he had received in Colombia in a pillar Belang van Limburg. Belgium lives half the year in this country to give English lessons and coordinate IT projects. Last Tuesday, the meeting person came to Colombia through the famous Tinder candidate. A meeting was held in a café in the north of Medellin town, where it was meet Thalia. After a while, the girl finished completing the evening with her father's sister and kept her. pay the Uber. After being brought into the house for a carpenter and a party, the taxi continued to attack her sister. young women

The car stopped, two men went into the passenger department"One of them had a knife, the other got electric guns, and I, the driver and Thalia, had a lot of drunkenness, of course they wanted to show that she was also a victim, but it seemed after that she was part of the plot ", said Vanhees.

Inventory – A 48 hour cycle

It is here that the ordeal is starting for Ruben. He was tied, covered with blind when he was lying on his bed beneath his plaid. Then he was pulled out of his car into sewage pipes when his "Tinder" stole his room with a computer, passport and barrel. After several hours, Belgium was forced to climb and climb into a hole.

"Then, they threatened to move money with my smartphone. As it did not work – there was no network – I would have to" Every code I have. If it happens that my codes are wrong, they would cut my fingers each, " says the 33-year-old man. The young Thalia went to the town with another dialogue to withdraw money.

Knitted by knot around the neck

The product is not much more advanced. Invasion of basuco, local coca drug, rested a hole covered with branches and a knitted knot with a knot; ran from his feet to his neck. If it moves too much, it could solve. The next day, his supporters realized that the codes were correct. They brought out Ruben out of his hole, and promised a young girl after he had woke up his bills. The story continues in a house. "There were mountains, drugs and walkers. First, I got tussi, a psyodelic drug ", he says. "Then I wanted to transfer all my savings over my current accounts, fortunately, after two hours, they arrived daily. They would have to use the rest in the next morning to I will put an airplane to Belgium when I co-operated, and I'm connected with rats, ties, but without saying they, gangsters, but who Keeping your promises. "

When the first payment was made, the warrior was offered to Belgium. When the last person told him about his position, she said kindly that he had not hoped he would hope to come out of this house.

Save it as a result … a rival band

When the news fell out that there was a stranger in the hands of a local group, they had to go away quickly because of a rival band to stay nearby. "They were scared that they wanted some of the predators, the foreigners have money in." He was brought into the car with his two brothers, they took the way to a "lovely hotel" at the bottom end."They organized two rooms: one for a guard and me, a private room for the other, at that time I did not sleep for two days and I fell asleep." Awakening at 7am, Ruben saw the keeper and his wife; to sleep He took the opportunity and ran away from the hotel.

"I found out that it was now or never, I went out to the street boxes to stop a taxi, but no one stopped for a Belgian to scratch half-pocket, and so I started running as crazy and I was protected by a bank watch ",he said. A few hours later, he was quested by the police before being moved to Belgian consulate in Medellin. He returned to Belgium on Sunday afternoon with a temporary fare. The amount lost in the tourism would be more than a thousand euros (amount to which he would get back). Although the study is completely, they are undoubtedly professional. Belgium said he would never turn back in Colombia again.

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