Comptroller Bermúdez abolished his position: "The person who replacing me can not be tied up to the greatest in history"


Director Jorge Bermudez did nothing in the first deep interview after Dorothy Perez returned to his place as a sub-contractor by the High Court order. Despite her & # 39; legal contravention, her defense decides to ask him to leave the lawyer: "despite that the Court told me how I am, I am thinking that that was just legal and moral "and saying" many people would like to retire from me that there is a long time of insolvency. "Although he accepts it he has been & # 39; Thinking about retiring, he drops him out, and he does not want to go to; leaving the station in the hands of Dorothy Pérez.

"Every day I'm thinking about giving up (…) but then I can see the work we have done and our projects and I say that no, I must continue ". Without legal admittance, the CEO of Jorge Bermúdez, after the severe loss suffered in the courts, means Dorothy Pérez would return to his post as subcontractor.

In an interview with the Sábado Revisado de El Mercurio, Bermúdez is an uncomfortable figure for several departments, and states that "many people would like to retire from me and that there will be a long time of relentlessness , and talk about changes that have been said to the CEO's Office, and because it is an institution totally weak & # 39; ".

However, when asked if he was planning to retire for the good of the institution, Bermudez did not answer: "And leave it!", Provide the option correctly as it would be means sending the CEO in the hands of Dorothy Pérez

"I have an incredible view against the violence"

Bermúdez does not match the lawyer's connection with the Carabineros fraud, where he has indicated it as a witness. "Indeed, the costs were recorded (…) I have an incredible view of corruption, so the person who replacing me can not be tied to the greatest role in history with action do not forget, "he said.

In questioning the handling of Dorothy Pérez on her; In this case, she said, "We were in the case of Carabineros as an institution. We had our fox in our nails and we did not see it or did not want to see it. I am here as Director or Condorito : I want to explain. "

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"I thought she was going to want a bit more to the institution"

Having decided to ask Perez to stop, Bermudez said "I do not feel sorry (…) I lost 8-0 in the courts and I'm very strong (… ) But I'm still sure that I believe the Court said to me about the other way, I think it is lawfully and morally that it was the answer. "

When referring to the petition program to reject Perez, the ruler says he had never been able to; thinks she wanted to say she was not wanting to retire. "Honestly, what did I think she was telling me, I was looking, let me take off Easily, let's keep this up and then I'm going to restart and surrender it elsewhere, but I put the messengers of the urbi et rbi in every place. "

"I thought she wanted a little more to the institute and she would go ahead so that the Participant would not be involved more here , but it was not so, what can I do, "she said.

"Indeed there is a foundation crisis"

In this way, he accepted that this whole program has meant that "obviously there is an emerging crisis". But he shows that although the Director has "emphasized", the situation is "because many believe that I can go, that is why they stress him. "

In describing the objections received, he says that he is "very fair" being accused of workplace harassment. "It also hurts me when someone says that he is uncertain as an advocate (…) if he was a lawyer, he would not be under hire a consultant, and half of the headquarters would not be women, "he says; come to an end.

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