CONCACAF decides Ottawa Fury's sanctions for play in the USL season – The Athletic


CONCACAF has told Ottawa Fury that the team's alliance will not play for the USL Championship for the 2019 season.

The management, which was circulated on Wednesday morning, surprised the Fury. The club was approved in November by the Soccer Canada Association (CSA) to playing across the border in the American subdivision league. Ottawa decided to stay in the USL in 2019 instead of having a & # 39; recording for the newly-invented Canadian Premier League season.

CONCACAF informed the CSA about its original decision, and its national group issued it to the Fury. CSA's president, Steven Reed to Ottawa, said CONCACAF was taking place as the Canadian Premier League has been in a position; playing in 2019, so Ottawa has not yet qualified as a "special situation" for playing in a cross-border league. Article 73 FIFA says, "Associations, articles or clubs associated with a ball …

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